Rent Holiday Homes in the UK and Abroad

The winter weather certainly invokes thoughts of holidays. Whether you’re looking for Christmas getaways or sunshine beach breaks, Preloved have a huge selection of rentable properties to choose from. Read on to see some of the hottest properties currently being advertised on the site!

2015-11-20 12:46:50By Amy Lockley

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Inexpensive Things to do in Yorkshire

Now that summer is here, looking for purse friendly days out in Yorkshire is as simple as packing a picnic and heading to one of the regions many beauty spots. The key is getting the right balance between having enough to do that you can make a whole day out of it, but not so much that you ever feel like you have to rush!

2015-07-03 15:06:13By Adventures in Tea and Cake

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Destinations You Won't Believe Are in the UK

The UK has some great destinations to see and some amazing places to visit! Find out our favourite locations which you won't believe are in the UK.

2015-06-04 00:00:48By Terri Lowe

Hints & Tips

Packing Tips and Travel Hacks

We're all going on a... Summer Holiday! No more worries for a week or two... Until it comes to the task of packing beforehand! Follow our packing tips and travel hacks to ensure you make the most of your luggage space before you go on holiday this summer.

2015-04-29 10:37:10By Liv Serrage

Hints & Tips

Holiday Essentials

It’s that time of year again! For now, forget about achieving that bikini bod, the real important thing here is cracking the necessities you’ll need for your trip. No need to fret, though, here at Preloved we’ve put together the top ten holiday check list. Enjoy!

2014-06-06 15:20:29By Adele Gardner


Horse Riding Holidays | Preloved Holiday Guide

This week is all about our love for horses and ponies here at Preloved! To celebrate these beautiful creatures, we caught up with Sarah Caplan, the managing director of Equestrian Escapes to talk to her about their selection of fantastic holidays to give you some inspiration when thinking about your summer holidays.

2014-04-29 10:47:56By Tina Hidderley


Vintage and Antique Hunting in France

Two Francophile foragers tell us how to go vintage and antique hunting in France.

2013-03-10 10:33:14By Adele Gardner