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4 Step by step crafts to keep the kids busy this Christmas

We all know entertaining children before the big day can be a struggle. Amongst wrapping, shopping and hiding it all away you need to keep the little ones busy!

We have put together our top 4 Step by step crafts to keep the kids busy this Christmas.

1)  Pinecone Christmas tree

Are you being pestered to put the tree up but haven’t quite got the will yet? Or have you got the tree up and it’s just not enough? Well, here’s a quick and easy craft to make your very own mini pinecone Christmas tree!

2) Make Mason Jar Christmas Candles

If ever there was an everyday object that found a new purpose in life, it is the Mason jar. There are loads of tutorials out there showcasing what we can do with a jar that has a name. But let’s not be jar-ist; any jar is qualified to do the job. This craft, in particular, gives you some ideas on how you can decorate a jar and make it a candle holder.

3) Christmas Baubles from Light Bulbs

If you are a normal human being with responsibilities, you probably haven’t replaced or even got rid of those old light bulbs that went out months ago – give them a new lift instead (let be honest they’ll just stay there if not)

4) Make a Christmas Tree from a Paperback Book

We all have books we have read and didn’t really enjoy. Or we have bought at the charity shop on an impulse buy and haven’t touched in three years. Perhaps they are books you inherited from an older family member. Regardless, you will most likely have an old battered paperback lying about the house; why not give it a new purpose?





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