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How To Train A New Puppy To Climb The Stairs

How To Train A New Puppy to Climb the Stairs, Safely and Effectively

If you want to train a new puppy to climb the stairs, then this blog is for you. You probably can’t recall your first experience walking up the stairs when you were a child, neither can I. However, if you are a parent of young children, I’m sure you remember the time spent coaching your child. You would hold one of their hands while they placed the other against the wall for support as they climb one tiny step at a time.

Your tone was always gentle and reassuring. Once they reached the destination, you would congratulate them with hugs and kisses, telling them how smart and brave they were. Chances they’d want to do it again as their experience was unthreatening. This is very similar to how you train a new puppy to climb the stairs. The only difference is that puppies walk on four! So you can’t hold your new pup’s paw to guide him up the stairs.

While some claim using the leash as the guiding hand has a much higher success rate, I don’t recommend using this method. So here’s how to train a new puppy to climb the stairs safely and effectively.

beagle going down the stairs

Why a collar and leash might not be the best option

  1. Firstly, you don’t want too many distractions as new puppies aren’t used to collar and leash yet.
  2. Secondly, it’s for safety measures. If the leash is too long, it might obstruct the pup and yourself. As much as we want our new puppies to climb the stairs in a straight manner, most beginners usually zigzag their way up.
  3. If the leash is too short, you might create discomfort around his neck rather than making it more pleasant for his amateur attempts.

How To Train A New Puppy To Climb The Stairs

Puppies are extremely curious creatures by nature

They will explore every corner of your home if there are no boundaries set, which isn’t the wisest rule for new pups. In general, many puppies are afraid of stairs which normally means they do not know how to climb them properly and will need a little encouragement to do so.  Other puppies are more adventurous and have no difficulties climbing the stairs without much supervision. Either way, it’s always best not to introduce stair climbing to puppies under 8 weeks of age.

How To Train A New Puppy To Climb The Stairs

Tips on How to Train Puppies to Climb the Stairs

Provide a Favorable Environment

Starting the training at home is much more pleasurable and safer compared to an outdoor unknown territory. Usually, homes have a wide stairway which will be less frightening to the puppy. Also, the home staircase is generously and evenly spaced, giving the pup a firm ground on four as opposed to those steep stairs seen in parks and streets.

Build Confidence from the Ground Up

It’s important to begin off at the underside of the steps. No, mid‐flight of the steps won’t do even it’s spacious. Success comes from a good foundation!

Lead by Example

Be the leader of the pack. Encourage the puppy to hitch you, by using your gentle and assuring voice, food treats, or his favorite toy.

Repetition, One Step at a Time

After the puppy has joined you on the primary stair, return down one step (ground level) using the identical method as climbing up the steps. Repeat the method until the puppy will go up and down that tread on his own. Taking a 1 step time approach is the best way to teach your puppy to not be terrified of stairs. It is very crucial to build confidence slowly and not rush the method.

dog afraid to climb steps

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