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Round-up: Winter Animal Care

We all know that pets need a lot of care and attention, especially during the cold winter months. This is why Preloved have put together guides which provide invaluable information about caring for various different animals in winter. These have proved extremely popular within the Preloved community, and many members have referred to them to get information about how best to care for their pets, horses and livestock. Here’s a roundup of some of the most popular guides to winter animal care!

Our Preloved Guides to Winter Animal Care

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs

This guide, one of our most popular, was written by Marie at Wood Green Animal Shelter. It explains that Guinea Pigs can face a whole range of problems during winter, and covers: what to feed them, what type of bedding is best, their behaviour, and water management. A must-read if you’re looking for advice on how to care for your guinea pigs this winter!


Horse Care in Winter

World Horse Welfare tell the Preloved community that if provided with a shelter from the wind and rain, horses can cope quite well with winter, and should only really be rugged in winter if they’re clipped, underweight, elderly, or thin skinned. Horses require a great deal of care at the best of times, so have a read of this post to find out which special requirements they need for winter.


Donkey care in winter

Judy from The Flicka Foundation tells us that, although donkeys are hardy animals, they require special care in winter. (Even if you don’t own or plan on owning donkeys, this one is well worth a look just for the cute pictures!)


Rabbit care in winter

If your rabbits live outdoors, you may want to consider bringing them indoors this winter. If not, they need to be checked on three times a day to ensure they are eating well, are healthy, and there are not holes or draughts in their houses. Read on to find out more from the Rabbit Welfare Association.

Pet Rodents

rodent care in winter

There is less to consider when thinking about how best to care for your pet rodents this winter, as they’re most likely cosy indoors with you! There are however, still a few things to check up on. Find out what they are here.


chickens in winter

To ensure your chickens are warm and comfortable this winter, their housing, bedding, food and water must all be carefully thought out. Find out in this article, what the most important things are that need to be considered.

If you think there’s a winter animal care blog that we’re missing, let us know!

We have plenty more pet care guides for all ties of year in the Pets section of the Preloved Blog!

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Adele Gardner

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