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The County Cat Network Initiative for our Feline Friends

The County Cat Network Initiative for our Feline Friends

The County Cat Network Initiative- Shropshire

Why the need for this cat network?

I run Gyrn Cottage Cattery and Cat Network in North Shropshire. My business has virtually ground to a halt – as have many others all over the country. People have suddenly found themselves laid off or unemployed. Many others are having to self-isolate for many months. It is a very scary situation!

Who knew that just one cough could literally stop the world! I decided that whatever happens I would keep my Cattery open and try to help anyone who needs help.

And that is where The Shropshire Cat Network has evolved out of this crisis we are all facing. It is a community resource for people and their feline friends. The cat network is not just for cat lovers and owners, but people who need and want to help those around them.

shropshire cat network

What will the network do?

  1. Help vulnerable cat owners who live alone and are worried about what will happen to their cat in an emergency situation, if they have no one to help.
  2. Help people who, due to this crisis may be laid off work or unemployed and are worried about how to feed their cats.
  3. Help support Local Rescue Centres who are struggling financially due to restrictions in fundraising.

How does this initiative work?

I want to get Catteries, Vets, Pet Shops / Supermarkets, Food Banks, Rescue Centres and Volunteers all working together in their local areas.

The website does not deal directly with donations. If people want to donate money or cat food, then the participating Businesses or Rescue Centres can be contacted directly.

Social media platforms can be used for people to get in contact over the internet and ask for help if needed, either for themselves or someone they know. If people reading the posts can help or know of someone else who can, then they can get in touch.

Where is this cat network?

Well, the clue is in the title- Shropshire! BUT this idea can equally be applied to:

  1. Any County – e.g. Essex Cat Network or Yorkshire Cat Network.
  2. Any Pet – e.g. Shropshire Dog Network, Cheshire Exotic Pet Network or Sussex Equine Network.

I am happy to help anyone set up their own County Pet Network if they wish to set up a similar initiative. They can use anything from my website: the documents, the ideas, anything at all. All I ask is that you make it professional and make it work.

network for cats

To learn more about the Cat Network, Click Here.

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Samantha Davis

Samantha Davis

Community User

Samantha Davis has a Boarding Cattery and Smallholding in Shropshire. She is an ex Zookeeper and has worked in Cat rescue. Sam is known as a Cat Whisperer and hopes to inspire others to set up their own County Pet Networks!