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5 Date Night Tips for Parents with Young Kids

5 Date Night Tips for Parents with Young Kids

We all know how hard it is to schedule regular date nights and valuable time with your partner once you’ve had children. And with the launch of Valentine’s month at Preloved, we wanted to provide some romantic inspiration ahead of the 14th! Despite the ongoing difficulty of allowing true love to take its course, keeping the spark alive NEEDS to remain a top priority in any partnership never mind with the little ones to think about. Besides, we all need an excuse to avoid the toddler tantrums and snotty noses once in a while! Unfortunately, where the little ones are concerned, there are a few small steps to take before we can get around to the fun stuff. Our date night tips are all totally achievable and will make that valuable time with your loved one even more special.

1. Look for the perfect babysitter


The first of our date night tips may seem blatantly obvious but finding a babysitter that is the right fit for your family is crucial to enjoying and actually achieving date night. It avoids the constant worry and concern whilst out and allows you to fully relax. If you have friends with children of similar ages, why not agree to alternate each month which couple looks after all the kids whilst the other goes out to enjoy themselves? So, whether it’s a close family member, trusted friend, or reputable local childminder… get thinking because this obstacle can be one of the most challenging to deal with.


2. Overcome the exhaustion


How can you keep your relationship new and exciting when you just CAN’T be bothered?! I know the school runs, the early starts, the interruptions to your sleep, and slaving around the house can totally knock the energy out of you… but you HAVE to find that motivation… after all date nights are fun and shouldn’t feel like a chore. So, find a gorgeous outfit, put that lippy on, listen to your favourite playlist whilst getting ready and enjoy the moment!


3. Who said dates were for the evening?


Find out if your designated babysitter is available over the weekend. This frees up time for cute day activities like lazy brunches, a cinema visit to catch that film you’ve both been dying to see, a picturesque walk in the countryside, or even something with a touristy element. Anything where in the past you’ve used the excuse “oh we can’t we’ve got the kids” … take it as an opportunity to reconnect. Plus, you’ll be back home with plenty of time to give them a kiss goodnight before bedtime!

couple walking

4. Guilty, who me?


Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt that overwhelming guilt or apprehension when leaving the kids? Well, we believe that everyone needs ME time now and again and a few hours apart actually makes you a better parent in the long run rather than a “bad mum.” You’ll learn to appreciate your time with both your partner and the kids more. The best date night tip is to feel grateful and justified to have the evening off because quite frankly you deserve it.

date night cheers

5. Does the idea of a 3-course dinner bore you?


You might not be alone in the opinion that sitting across from each other at a swanky restaurant isn’t always the best definition of a perfect date night. Dependent upon your location and what your common interests are, why not try something different. Think about a group painting class, a comedy show, wine tasting, cooking lessons, or even a salsa class?! If its relaxation you’re after, have you ever considered a couple’s massage? Planning something new and exciting you can BOTH look forward to makes date night even more realistic.

date night painting class

We know the first years of parenthood can be chaotic, draining and overwhelming but finding peace and tranquillity in that quality time spent together reminds you why you did all this in the first place. Let us know how these date night tips helped you this Valentine’s!

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert