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It’s no secret that pets are happier at home; Experienced vets, including Channel 4’s Dr. Scott Miller, agree that animals respond to a different carer better than to a new environment. That’s why pet owners across the world are choosing

What is TrustedHousesitters?

TrustedHousesitters connects home and pet owners with their network of 5 star rated, police checked sitters who will lovingly care for your home and pets for free, when you go away.

Sitters registered with TrustedHousesitters are care-oriented rather than pay-oriented, meaning they will care for your home and pets for free in exchange for a free retreat, because they love pets and travel.

Paul, owner of cats Terry and June, said “I can think of several friends who’ve got pets and they say ‘I can’t go because the dog needs walking and feeding’ and straight away you say ‘Ah! We’ve got a solution for you!”


Great for Home & Pet Owners

  • Find 5-star rated members who will sit for FREE
  • Pets stay happy at home, in their own beds
  • Enjoy peace of mind and save on the cost of pet care

With the average cost of kennels in the UK now between £10-£50 per day, for varying levels of comfort, more and more people are opting to bring the carer to the pet. Plus, some animals such as horses, chickens and livestock simply can’t be boarded.

Stephen & Damon, owners of Zoe the dog, said “The arrangement with TrustedHousesitters is we’re getting the service of somebody who wants to care for our dog and they’re getting a nice place to stay and no money changes hands, I can only think of it as a Win-Win”

Excellent for House Sitters

  • Stay for FREE in return for caring for pets
  • Live like a local and enjoy a home away from home
  • Sits from a weekend to a year – globally

If you love pets and you love to travel, there are sits available in incredible locations, from beautiful, remote farms to bustling city centres, allowing you to experience new destinations, along with the companionship of a furry friend or two.

Gina, House & Pet Sitter, said “I joined TrustedHousesitters around 6 months ago and since then I’ve had 3 brilliant house sits. It combines my love of animals and my love of travel, so it’s a Win-Win for me. It’s perfect”.


Exclusive offer for Preloved members

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Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters

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TrustedHousesitters connects home and pet owners with our network of 5 star rated, police checked sitters who will lovingly care for your home and pets for free, when you go away.

Check out their website to learn more about them.