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Sign Up to Preloved Premium Membership Today!

Did you know that you can easily upgrade to Preloved Premium Membership for as little as £15 for a whole year? For less than 5p a day, you can unlock a whole host of extra benefits from your Preloved account! If you’re a prolific seller of second hand items, your Premium account can attract new buyers as quickly as you can say Jack Robinson.

Here’s a rundown of Preloved perks you can expect from your upgraded membership package:

Preloved Premium Membership

Preloved’s Premium Membership is ideal for prolific sellers

Stay Up Front For Longer

Premium member adverts are given priority placement in our listings, which means they will stay on the first few pages of listings for longer! On average, premium member adverts are seen by twice as many people as adverts listed by members with a free account. With over 400,000 users coming online to browse our fabulous finds each day, the potential reach of your advert is phenomenal.

Supersize Showcase

Premium members can add unlimited additional photographs to their listings and all other advertising is removed; meaning your ads really do fill the page! Your advert will also create a slideshow which rotates to showcase all the fantastic images of your listing. In turn, this will give buyers a better idea of what you’re selling and be confident with their purchase.

When Words Can’t Do The Talking…

Why not let a video speak for you? Premium members can embed YouTube videos into their advert to give an even better insight to a potential customer.

Selling a house? Give a guided tour!

Guitar up for grabs? Strum out your best tune!

Adding a video to your advert gives a new dimension to your selling activity, and you don’t have to be the next Steven Spielberg either! Even a quick upload from your phone will be the perfect addition to your advert.

Add Links to Your Adverts

If you feel like you simply can’t do all the talking for your advert yourself, why not link to an external website to give even more information? Or if you’ve reviewed the product on your blog, you could even link to the original post! Premium members can take full advantage of this feature within their membership.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade to Premium Membership by clicking here, and start making the most of our premium benefits today!

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