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Feng Shui | Top Tips for Your Garden

The great thing about having good feng shui in your garden, is that all this good energy will flow into your home! The view from every window and door affects your relationship with the outside world, so it’s important to get it right. To get started you will need to divide the area in to 8 sections like in our Bagua blog post, but instead of your home, you’ll be focusing on your garden.

Each garden is different, in shape and size, so it is up to you to create a bagua to fit your own garden.

Elements for Feng Shui

Bagua map with five elements and colours

To understand Feng Shui, you have to understand the importance of balance between the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

To strengthen the feng shui of each area, you can add another element that supports your primary element like the following:

  • Water nourishes
  • Wood feeds
  • Fire creates
  • Earth bears
  • Metal enriches

These elements, when matched with the right area of your garden will create positive energy. Combined with features, curved edges and pathways, and the correct colours for your garden, you can create a haven that will continuously get stronger if you care for it as time goes on.

Each element has a strong relationship with colour and types of objects. Below we’ve given some examples of how to strengthen the positive feng shui in your garden.


The Earth element enhances physical strength and stability. Too much of the Earth element can create a heavy and serious atmosphere, while too little can lead to instability and chaos.

This aloe vera plant in a rectangle clay flowerpot is perfect for any areas under the Earth element, or if your areas with the Metal elements are weak, you can add a few Earth features to support it. Why not see if there is an Aloe Vera plant up for grabs on Preloved near you?

Aloe vera plant in clay rectangle pot from Preloved


The Wood element enhances intuition and creativity. Too much of the Wood element can create an overwhelming atmosphere and a feeling of overcommitment. Too little can prevent or slow down growth and creative flow.

This wooden table and bench found on Preloved is a stunning feature and can be made to order, however you want it! See what rustic wooden furniture you can find right here on Preloved!

Handmade wooden table and bench from Preloved

You may also want to consider strengthening this area with the Metal element, like with this bench with cast iron ends. We have plenty of second hand garden benches listed on Preloved…

Garden bench from Preloved


The Water element enhances spirituality and relaxation. Too much of the Water element candiminish productivity, too little can create stress and anxiety.

The charcoal grey of this water fountain found on Preloved is great for an area within the water element. You could also use glass, or metal in this area too.

Second hand water fountain from Preloved


The Fire element enhances leadership qualities and healthy interactions between people. Too much of the Fire element can develop aggressive and impulsive behaviour. Too little can cause coldness and depression.

Items like lanterns and fire pits are perfect examples of how to strengthen the fire element of your garden.

Second hand fire pit from Preloved


The Metal element encourages independence and strengthens the mind. Too much of the Metal element can develop stubborness and an inability to compromise. Too little can lead to indecisiveness and confusion.

Wind chimes are popular feng shui cures, so are perfect for any problem areas. They are best used outside the home, like this garden wind chime.

Handmade wind chime from Preloved

Justine Dench

Justine Dench

Creative Editor

Justine Dench is the creative editor for Preloved. Her key personal interests include sustainability, conservation and animal welfare. Justine also has interests in photography, music, gardening and home interiors.