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Buying & selling

Trustap: The Free Service For Preloved Sellers

Here at Preloved we pride ourselves and providing our members with a safe platform on which to buy and sell within our classifieds community.


Trustap, The Free New Service For Preloved Sellers

Trustap is the new free service for Preloved sellers that allows buyers to make payments securely, protecting them from online scams. By allowing buyers to pay via Trustap, giving them that peace of mind, sellers using Trustap are getting up to 4 times more responses to their adverts.

So, as a seller, how can you get paid via Trustap?


My Adverts

When you’ve created your advert on Preloved, go to My Adverts. Your advert will have a blue button against it called ‘Enable Trustap’.



Setting Up Trustap Payments On Your Adverts

You will be redirected to a page that shows your advert’s details – Title, Image, Description, etc. In this page you can select:

  • How you plan on completing the sale: Online e.g. if you’re posting to the buyer, or Face-To-Face e.g. the buyer is visiting your home to view in person.
  • A quantity of items available, e.g. ‘6’ dining chairs.
  • The amount you want paid as the deposit, or if the deposit amount is the full amount needed to pay.
  • Once you’ve set everything up, simply click ‘Create Trustap Listing’.



Adverts That Are Trustap Enabled

Once you’ve enabled Trustap payments on your advert, you will see a change in My Adverts. The blue button called ‘Enable Trustap’ will now show as a turquise button called ‘Disable/Edit Trustap’.



How Will Buyers Know They Can Pay Safely?

Your adverts will be displayed on Preloved with a ‘Buy With Trustap’ button, making it quicker and easier for buyers to reach out to you, and for you to make that sale!



What Happens Next?

Once yourself and the buyer have agreed the details and money needs to change hands, the buyer transfers their money to a ‘holding’ account looked after by Trustap. When you’re all agreed that everything’s ok with the trade of goods the money is released to you from the holding account. For this peace of mind that they’re not being scammed, the buyer pays a small Buying Fee, based on the value of your item/s.


So, looking to get more interest in your adverts while assuring your buyers that you’re a safe seller? Enable Trustap on your adverts today.



Community Manager

Tina's been part of the Preloved family since 2014 and spends most of her time reviewing Preloved policy and speaking with external parties, such has charities, forums, and government agencies. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, pets, friends, and Netflix.