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Horse Appreciation Week on Preloved

We love all animals here at Preloved, and horses and ponies are no exception. They make great companions and can help keep you fit by exploring the countryside on horse back in the fresh air.

To celebrate horses and ponies, for the next week it is FREE to advertise in the Horses and Ponies and Horse Tack and Clothing categories. Here you will find thousands of adverts for horses for sale and for loan, land to rent, livery vacancies and second hand equestrian equipment and clothing.

Looking for the perfect bridle for your pony? Waiting for a space in your desired livery? We are waiving the usual membership fees in this category – for a WHOLE WEEK you will be able to view and respond to adverts as soon as they appear at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Place an advert in either the Horses and Ponies or Horse Tack and Clothing category this week, and you will have an increased chance of finding the perfect buyer for your item, horse or pony, within the first 10 days of your ad being placed live.

What are you waiting for! You have until Midnight on Wednesday 7th April to take advantage and get selling and buying!

Liv Serrage

Liv Serrage

Writer and expert

Liv writes the newsletters and looks after the Preloved social media community, hunting out the quirkiest, most beautiful items on site just for you! As an English Language and Literature graduate from the University of Oxford, Liv is passionate about all things fictional, bookish and creative. In her spare time, she loves to go to gigs and scour vintage and charity shops for one off items!