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Cash in With the UK’s Thriftiest Bloggers

If you’re determined to save a load of money this year while making your cash work harder, buying and selling second hand on Preloved should be top of your list.

And if you want some more inspirational ideas on how to cut down your costs we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite cash-savvy and thrifty bloggers who regularly share brilliant ways to keep more of your money in your pocket.

Frugal Queen

Frugal Queen Jane Clarke started her blog to track her journey from being £45,000 in debt to eventual financial freedom! Even though she’s now paid off her large debt, she’s continuing the frugal lifestyle. Forthright and full of advice, Jane shows that it’s perfectly possible to live with less and still be happy by using a little creativity and determination.

A Thrifty Mrs

Highly witty and entertaining, we love A Thrifty Mrs and her penchant for hitting her favourite ‘chazzer’ shops to snaffle up some stylish fashions and homewares. She’s also passionate about sharing the online freebies she’s found, and gives top advice on decluttering and thrifty craft ideas for the home. Great stuff!

Family Budgeting

Becky Goddard-Hill’s (right) blog packs in a huge amount of information, ranging from how to save and make money, recipes on a budget, thrifty gift ideas and taking control of your finances and much more. She’s also written a book, ‘How to Afford Time off with your Baby’.

Skint Dad 

While there are lots of female bloggers writing about how to look after your cash and the daily challenges of family life, Skint Dad aims to give the dad’s point of view. Good man! He explores everything from taking control of debt, grabbing supermarket bargains and sorting out your finances. It’s a blog that tackles thorny subjects head-on, offering some great advice along the way.

A Thrifty Mum

Mum of two, Jen Walshaw’s blog shares her tips on how to be careful with money while living family life to the full on a budget. Check out her advice on decluttering to make some extra money, where to find great deals, home made money-savings ideas and much more. She also hosts the popular Thrifty Families Blog Carnival which features a plethora of ideas from cash-savvy bloggers across the UK.


Savvy Annie

Savvy Annie is dedicated to saving money and sharing deals. From savvy shopping and savvy beauty, to savvy baby and savvy tools – no deal gets past this lady! After years living off credit cards and overdrafts, Annie is now riding the money-saving wagon – inviting you to join her on the road to financial freedom.

Frugal Family

Cass Bailey writes about her family’s journey, detailing the ups and downs of daily life, throwing in some money-saving tips, fun activities and foodie ideas along the way. As a mum determined to make the most of every moment, she shares her tips on how she’s able to have more time with her kids by changing her spending habits. (And there are some great cupcake recipes too!)

My Family Club

My Family Club aims to help families save, manage and make money. It’s got loads of wide-ranging advice on such subjects as when to book holidays for the best deal, or how to sell your clothes and revamp your wardrobe and advice for creating a family budget. Practical, clear and concise, it’s a great resource for any family seeking a little financial support.

Miss Thrifty

Miss Thrifty is a woman on a mission. She lives in Yorkshire, UK, and never pays full price for anything. Her message and practical tips are about spending less, living within your means and getting out of debt – without resorting to recycling teabags!




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Adele Gardner

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