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How to Make a Christmas Tree from a Paperback Book

We all have books we have read and didn’t really enjoy. Or we have bought at the charity shop on an impulse buy and haven’t touched in three years. Perhaps they are books you inherited from an older family member. Regardless, you will most likely have an old battered paperback lying about the house; why not give it a new purpose?

1) From one paperback you can make around 3 or 4 trees, depending on how many pages the book has. You will need at around 150 pages for one book, depending on how dense you want your tree. Some crafters use as little as 30 pages. Take the flaps off, so you only have the spine and pages and cut or tear the section you are going to work with.


2) Take the first page; fold it to the left towards the binding so it looks like a rectangle triangle.


3) Then, fold the paper on itself again so it resembles a side of a paper aeroplane.


4) You will end up with a piece sticking out from the bottom. Fold that piece up and continue onto the next page. Repeat the same process throughout the book.

6) If the folded pages are starting to become a nuisance, you can use big clips to gather them together.

7) And that’s it! The tree will stand up on its own given the surface area. You can glue some glitter on it, add a star or decorate to your taste.


If you make any paperback trees yourself, we’d love to have a peek! Share a photo with us over on Twitter!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert