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1 Week Until Christmas! Top 5 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

With only a week to go until Christmas, it is likely most of us are sorted in regards for gifts this year. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get caught out forgetting someone, and sometimes you just can’t have enough stocking fillers! We have scoured the internet to bring you our top 5 last minute DIY Christmas gift ideas.

1. Felt Christmas Decorations

If you are feeling particularly creative and have a free day this weekend, why not pop down to your local craft store and stock up on some felt to make some homemade Christmas decoration gifts! With a bit of patience and some precision cutting and sewing, you could make some adorable Christmas tree decorations like this penguin or owl. Or if you want to make something a little more personal, about about this festive Poinsettia flower pin? If you have been invited elsewhere for Christmas dinner this year, then these felt gnome wine covers could add a festive yet comical twist to the dining table!

felt christmas gift ideas

2. Fillable Bauble Decorations

If you like the idea of giving a personally made decoration, but are not blessed with the precision required to make intricate decorations, then how about picking up some fillable baubles and filling them with a variety of crafting jewels? From simply inserting a pretty feather inside a bauble, to filling a bauble full of classic coloured buttons, it doesn’t take long to transform a clear bauble into a beautiful decoration for someone’s tree. Why not also tryappliqueing on some decorative lace onto a bauble, or go even further cover your bauble in creative paper?

fillable bauble ides

3. Dinner Party Food Ideas

If you are lucky enough to not be hosting the big annual family meal this Christmas, then why not thank your host with something thoughtful, and tasty, to add to the dinner table. I love thisfruit Christmas tree idea! Not only will it get the kids interested in something other than chocolate and sweets, it also makes a great table centrepiece for Christmas breakfast.

If you know your host will have their dinner menu planned down to the last Brussel sprout, then why not give something they can choose to share, or save as a treat for themselves, like delicious homemade pineapple chutney, or irresistable coconut and pistachio biscotti? If you want to make something for all the family to enjoy, then why not stay traditional with someclassic biscuit decorations that can be plucked from the tree and devoured whilst watching classic Christmas movies together.

christmad dinner gifts

4. Christmas Cake Toppers

If you are planning to make someone Christmas cake this year, why not get creative and make some cake toppers to give the cake that extra personal touch? If you are looking for quick and easy, and not so bothered about the toppers being edible, then check out thesesparkly cake toppers! Perfect for Christmas, and can even be re-used for birthdays, weddings…

If only edible will do, then how about some simple chocolate trees that will surround your cake in mystical wonder, or go one step further with some marzipan tree toppers with added delicious sparkle! If you prefer a more traditional cake topper, then you can’t go wrong with an adorable Rudolf reindeer cake topper.

chirstmas cake topper ideas

5. Something For Our Furry and Feathery Friends

If you are all sorted gifts wise, but wanted to give a loved one a little something extra, then how about considering giving something to their pets? When the home is full of festive cheer, our pets will pick up on that so it seems only right to include them in the celebrations. After all, they are family too! Get baking and make some delicious peanut butter dog biscuits for family pooches, or get the needle out and make a fun feather cat toy for the family cat.

If you know someone who enjoys the birds in their garden, then how about making them a festive bird seed hanging ornament to go in the garden? These ornaments are so simple to make, click here to learn how to make your own!

presents for dogs cats and birds

Justine Dench

Justine Dench

Creative Editor

Justine Dench is the creative editor for Preloved. Her key personal interests include sustainability, conservation and animal welfare. Justine also has interests in photography, music, gardening and home interiors.