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Potty Training For Your Dog With A Full Time Job

Potty Training Made Easy For Your Dog

Before getting a pet, you must have pictured how great it would be to take long walks at the park and watching them grow. Maybe you even thought of cute pet selfies for your social media… But there is so much more to caring for a dog. Yes having a furry friend is incredibly rewarding and exciting, but it comes with a fair share of challenges such as potty training.

You’ve got love for your dog

It’s a challenging responsibility, especially if you have a full-time job that keeps you away from home for long hours. Talk about the cute but disapproving eyes your dog gives you when you are about to leave for the office. We can go on and on about how being away from home affects your pet dog, but the truth is that you get impacted too. Your 40 hours per week job prevents you from spending any real-time with your four-legged friend and even when you get home, you may be too tired to train them. Inevitably, it is you that will have to clean up the mess they made when you were away. In their puppy months, it could also affect your concentration at work because you are constantly worrying about what they are up to at home. Once you are committed to taking care of them and doing what’s necessary for your doggy’s wellbeing, it gets a lot more fun and enjoyable!

potty training for your dog

The challenge

As someone with a hectic life, you might consider opting for dog breeds that are more low maintenance such as a Chihuahua, Dachshund, French bulldog, and so on. To ensure that the doggies get the love, care, and attention they need, you might want to consider hiring a dog-sitter. A dog-sitter is an ideal alternative to your company meaning they aren’t left alone throughout the day and can be taken for walks.

So, now you’ve got a dog-sitter, there’s one more thing to consider: getting your dog potty trained. This is one of the first things you need to do as soon as you bring a new puppy home. One major challenge with owning a dog while working full time is getting them to go to the little dog’s room in your absence. You would soon discover that dogs pee a lot, and getting them trained to do their doggy business at the right place will take a lot of work and effort. The potty training might take weeks or even months!

potty training your dog

The solution

The Doggy Bathroom is a dog litter box that provides a convenient and less stressful way to potty train your dog indoors. It helps take your mind off whether your doggy’s bathroom needs are taken care of while you’re at work. This potty solution allows dogs to use the bathroom without any external assistance whenever. All you need to do is to replace the biodegradable pee pads to keep things neat. It is ideal for all breeds. Is your doggy one to lift its leg? The Doggy Bathroom is the only dog litter box for males who lift their legs.

Getting your dog potty trained with The Doggy Bathroom helps build trust and introduces independence for your doggy. Now, after a long day at work, you get to spend more time with your dog rather than cleaning up after them.

potty training your dog



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