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What to Do with Your Unwanted Gifts

What to Do with Your Unwanted Gifts

Didn’t quite get what you were hoping for this Christmas? With limited space in the wardrobe we can’t keep all of these ill-fitting onesies and bath bombs, there just isn’t the room.


Here at Preloved, we believe in the power of second chances and new beginnings, which is why your unwanted gifts could be someone else’s perfect present! Plus, find out how you can be in with a chance of winning £100 of IWOOT vouchers to buy something you do want!

So, what can you do with your unwanted gifts?

1. Pay It Forward

Donate It To Charity

Giving your unwanted gifts to a charity, for them to re-sell, is a great way to help out those in need! Either take the goods down to your local high street where there’s bound to be a charity store or two, or you can sell your items from your own home and donate the proceeds via the charity’s online fundraising page.

This year we’ve partnered with Action For Children, click here to see how we’re offering support this January.

Give it away through Freeloved

Why not advertise unwanted gifts on Freeloved and give it away to someone in your local community.
Over 100 MILLION unwanted gifts are received at Christmas

2. Swap

If you’re reluctant to shift your gift for cash, why not swap it for another? Advertise your unwanted gift for ‘Swap’ on Preloved, or see what’s already listed. Alternatively, throw a Swap Party! Get your friends round and, as well as exchanging tales of your hectic Christmas’, you can be exchanging those unwanted bits and bobs. Who knows what you could get your hands on.

3. Re-Giving

Just because you don’t want a gift someone has given you, doesn’t mean it won’t be unwanted by everyone! Make some space in the cupboard for these items and no longer be stuck for a present at the next kid’s birthday party, or be caught out if you forget to buy for an event that slipped your mind.

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4.  Recycle or Upcycle

If all else fails, recycle your unwanted gift rather than letting it go to landfill! Better still, give it a new lease of life and upcycle it into something brand new.

5. Return

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to return an item to the shop it’s from without proof of purchase, but around Christmas time most shops operate a policy which enables you to return unwanted gifts if they’re resalable.

Over 100 MILLION unwanted gifts are received at Christmas (3)

6. Sell

There’s money to be made to fund January sale shopping, or just see you through to the end of what we all know is a very tight month! Sell your items on Preloved and turn that clutter into cash! Alternatively, take a look at what’s already been listed and give someone else’s unwanted gift a loving new home.

Once you’re rid of what you do want, why not treat yourself to something you do? Be in with a chance of winning a £100 IWOOT voucher when you enter our competition below:



Natalie Reynolds

Natalie Reynolds

Creative Writer

Natalie is a creative writer for Preloved. She is a granny at heart and, as such, enjoys gardening, sewing, vintage and literature. You will either find her pottering around in the allotment or scouring for antiques.