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18 Cheap Party Ideas

In light of Preloved’s 18th birthday on 19th June, we have searched the internet high and low to bring to you 18 of the best cheap, upcycled ideas for a birthday party.

1.    You can have a car race made out of toilet rolls.

toilet roll

2.    Or you can reuse that game of Monopoly that has lived in the loft for all these years and make some fun decorations.

monopoly flowers

3.    These tapes look amazing as a centrepiece

tapes decorations

4.    You can reuse the bottles from your previous party and make a child-proof crisps and dip holder.

crisp holder

5.    A cute way of remembering the party is to take individual photos of a person or people in the box, and then put it together to make a collage.

box photo

6.    This bottle ring toss combo is ideal for a funfair-inspired party!

bottle ring toss

7.    If you are having a Lego/themed party, these Lego heads are made of baby food jars and can be used as favours, or to contain the findings of a treasure hunt.

lego heads

8.    Playing cards can be used as garlands for a Mad Hatter Party. Or a Vegas inspired one.

playing cards

9.    If you are hosting a BBQ or buffet, there’s nothing more tiresome than repeating what each dish is every time a guest rocks up to the table. So why not opt for some cool labels? These ones look especially rustic.

rustic table decoration

10.    Why not repurpose some flower pots to cover and protect food while outside? The fact that it’s Martha Stewart-approved is all we need, really.

flower pots

11.    If you are giving a gift, why not wrap it in a way so that the person can in turn reuse it and wrap another gift at another time?

gift wrapping

12.    You always end up with more paper plates that you can care to admit, so this is a great way to use them up. You could send people home with cake, cookies or even leftovers!

paper plates

13.    The easiest thing to make for a party is a salad. It’s not only easy to make because you literally, chop everything up and mix it in a bowl with your drizzle of choice, but you get extra brownie points as you can make it as healthy as you wish. This one looks particularly tasty.


14.    Skewers are always a neat option, and there’s nothing quite like the contrasting flavours between melon and serrano ham.


15.     Tule makes a party ten times more chic.

tule skirt

16.    And for the dapper man, repurpose funky fabric to make a bowtie!

bow tie

17.    For the craftier of us, piñatas is where it’s at!


18.    And finally, if you have a garden to boast of, and you have bubble wrap lying around, make use of your own flowers as decorations. Just slide some bubble wrap up the stem, this will help the flowers to float.

flower decorations

All images sourced from Pinterest

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert