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Consider Eco-friendly and Sustainable Gifts This Christmas

This year has seen a raise in minimalism, zero waste, and a strive towards a more environmentally aware way of life. As we move away from consumerism and get on board with new charity initiatives, some people might think that nothing quite beats the excitement of opening a present on Christmas morning. You may belong to a family that love giving presents; or you may have family members that either require nothing or are very hard to buy for. If this is the case, we have put together 10 ideas you can make or source with very little impact.

A sewing Kit

As you might have observed already, there are many things one can do with a jar. Kits are particularly useful, and this sewing one is ideal for the keen sewer or to simply get by sewing on a button.

sewing kit

Image Credit: It All Started With Paint

Homemade candles

You can make a candle out of practically any receptacle made out of glass or ceramic. These mini candles made out of baby food pots are cute to have on the mantelpiece or to create ambience in the bathroom.


Image Creit: Boxwood Clippings

Noughts and crosses

If you or a neighbour have had a tree cut down, you can make several games of noughts and crosses with the trunk. Find some pebbles, acorns, pinecones, etc. to make up the two teams and you will have endless hours of fun.

Noughts and Crosses

Image Credit: Homestead and Survival

Makeup remover pads

If you can crochet a little, washable cotton pads are a great way to cut down on the amount of discs we throw away. You can find a tutorial on how to make them here.

crochet makeup remover

Image Credit: Moral Fibres


By creating domino that is slightly bigger, adults and children alike can play whilst the little ones practice their counting. Wood can be reclaimed from pallets, a broken fence or furniture. Simply paint the dots on and varnish.

5. gift Pinterest2

Image Credit: Pinterest

Lunch kit

For those who commute to work, why not invest in a lunch kit they can reuse over and over? Avoid cling film, sandwich bags, plastic straws and paper napkins by substituting for cloth, stainless steel and class.

6. gift Zero Waste Nerd

Image Credit: Zero Waste Nerd

Teething toy

This is one of the simplest toys to make. Something as mundane as a curtain hoop covered with a crocheted layer will in turn protect your baby’s gums and in turn be a source of entertainment.

teething toy

Image Credit: Pinterest

Hot packs

Reuse long socks or sleeves with this project. Sew one side shut (if you are using a sock, cut the foot off) and fill the sack with rice all the way to the top. You can add some essential oils to add some aroma therapy. Sew up the other end and there you have it! Microwave for about a minute and apply on the body part that needs attention.

8. gift Lil Blue Boo

Image Credit: Lil Blue Boo

Baby bag

If you have friends who are about to be parents, why not consider gifting some of these? Or, if the gift is for you, why not ask for cloth nappies?

zero waste baby kit

Image Credit: Saving My Tea Leaves

Coffee cosy

Investing in a coffee or tea travel mug will avoid the needless use of paper cups. Many establishments are happy to refill the cup if you ask nicely. Or, why not make a cosy for the travel mug? If you want to be more fancy, you can add a button or a pocket for sugar, like this one does.

10. gift cozy2

Image Credit: The Stitchin Mommy

What is the best environmentally friendly gift have you given or received? Leave a comment below!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert