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Tips on How to Sell on Preloved: Simple and Free

Not only is Preloved FREE, it’s also really easy to use to sell your unwanted items. Step by step, we want to share with you the best ways to strengthen your ad, so as a seller, you can really make the most of the Preloved site. Here are our tips on how to sell on Preloved.

First Step: Select a Category

The first thing you need to think about is which category you would look in first, if you were looking for an ad similar to what yours is going to be. Go with your instinct on this. You will then be asked to choose a subcategory. If your item doesn’t sell, feel free to switch and change categories if you choose to relist. By doing this, you’re opening up your potential customer base.

Second Step: The Picture

You don’t have to have a professional camera to take a picture for an ad, so if all you have is a phone or an old digital, don’t fret! Lots of lighting can go a long way. The most important thing about your picture is that it shows the item clearly. If it is possible, natural light will help a lot with this.

Check the surroundings of the item, create a clear area so the item you are selling is the focal point, and there are no distractions in the background.

You get 3 FREE pictures per ad you post, so make the most of this! Try different angles to really give potential buyers a good look at the item. Ads with pictures are much more appealing to a buyer than those that have none.


Third Step: Your Ad Title

The title is a vital part of your ad being viewed by potential buyers, so consider the keywords that you would type in the search bar if you were searching for this kind of item. Mix general words like ‘car’ with more specific words like the brand, style or model.

Fourth Step: Writing the Description

Not everyone is great at writing, so try writing your description in a word document so you have the option to spell check.

Imagine you were the buyer. What would you like to know about the item? Be as honest as possible, but stress the positive aspects of your item. Think of the benefits of your item above all others. Check other ads of the same kind to see what other sellers mention that you may have forgotten to list. Why would someone need your item? Is it a collectable? Or a rare kind?

The longer your description and the more information you provide about the item, the better chance your ad has of popping up in searches, so really work on this.

Fifth Step: Price

Be honest with yourself about how much you genuinely want to sell the item for. Write down the lowest amount that you would take, a realistic price based on other ads on Preloved and a desired price. Then, work out an average price based on all of these, so if a potential buyer does question the price, you will already have a preplanned reasoning behind your price. If the ad doesn’t sell as quickly as you originally expected, your lowest price is your back up. Try not to go lower than this just because you think it won’t sell, because you will only regret it and it may put you off from selling things in the future!

Sixth Step: Your Contact Details

Think of the best way for someone to contact you. Do you read your emails regularly? Do you always have your phone at hand? Only list the contact details you want people to use and express how keen you are to help the potential buyer with more details about the item – this can be the moment when you persuade a potential buyer to make the final transaction.

Keep on top of your ad, always reply to potential buyers and be honest!

Happy Selling!

Liv Serrage

Liv Serrage

Writer and expert

Liv writes the newsletters and looks after the Preloved social media community, hunting out the quirkiest, most beautiful items on site just for you! As an English Language and Literature graduate from the University of Oxford, Liv is passionate about all things fictional, bookish and creative. In her spare time, she loves to go to gigs and scour vintage and charity shops for one off items!