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Colour Pop: 13 Ways to Add Green to Your Home

Green is such an inviting and calming colour. However, it’s not necessarily the go-to colour for a home; blue, grey and neutrals are perhaps more popular. So, here at Preloved, we have collated a set of images which we think will convince you to add green to your home. What, you don’t believe us? Keep on scrolling!


Obvious observation: paint is an easy way to create wow factor. However, the whole room doesn’t have to be green!

1 - italianbark

Image Source: Italian Bank

Create areas within an open plan living area. This little nook could be an ideal reading spot in the sun room. It also brings the outdoors in, as it looks like the garden is also a focal point for the house. It must be, given the big sliding doors!

By painting the wall the same colour as the kitchen cupboards, you create the effect of continuity, drawing the eye to the marbled counter tops and tying it all together with gold accents.

2 - Pinterest1

Image Credit: Pinterest

Utilise the storage space in the bathroom to add colour and creativity. Bathrooms don’t need to be white throughout. You and your family spend many moments of the day in there, it deserves as much love as other rooms in your home!

3 - Pinterest 3

Image Credit: Pinterest


Choose items of furniture that will stand out, yet look right at home.

Take this kitchen island, for example. It has a wooden counter, which combines with the stools and the storage at the back of the room. The green ties in with the drawers and cupboards at the back, and there is a deeper shade of green above the fridge. Perfection.

4 - Vogue

Image Credit: Vogue

The same is achieved with this item. The marble top marries the green, gold and light wood colours.

5 - Pinterest3

Image Credit: Pinterest

You can also play with several tones of green. The wall is a muted sage; the art on the wall is green, and the writing desk. This would brighten up a hallway, a spare room or dining room.

6 - Style Jucier

Image Credit: Style Jucier

Can we just take a moment to admire the bed? It somehow breaks the girliness of all the other colours and patterns.

7 - Heart Handmade

Image Credit: Heart Handmade

We’ve seen this before; paint parts of your furniture green. Not all of it, just enough for it to get noticed and require a double take.

8 - Pinterest4

Image Credit: Pinterest

Sofas and armchairs are a bold move because you can’t really paint them a different colour when you want to switch up the design. However, you can chance the accents. Mustard is a colour that goes really well with emerald green, as does fuchsia, as the below image illustrates. Note, however, that this is the extent of the colour palette; 3 bold colours against a white backdrop.

9 - My Domain

Image Credit: My Domain

Salmon and muted pink go well with grass green. Lighter colours go better with this tone of green. Even the furniture is a lighter tone of wood.

10 - IKEA usa

Image Credit: IKEA USA


Finishing Touches

If you saw our Colour Pop on pink, you will note we also added shutters. The colour of the light coming in with a pink tint is warmer than the colour coming in with a green tint.

11 - House Beautiful

Image Credit: House Beautiful

The hallway has a monochromatic tone with the main scheme being white with black tones. However, how cool is the stairs runner!

12 - Johanna Henderson via BritCo

Image Credit: Johanna Henderson via BritCo

And, of course, we can’t forget about lighting! We love the look of this pendant light. So disco-style!

13 - kreativakvadratmeter

Image Credit: Kreativa Kvadratmeter

Have you added any green walls or items of furniture to your home? Share them with us! Tweet us, or tag us on Instagram. We will regram our faves! 

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

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