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Inspiration: Travel Décor

Travel is one of those activities that make us whole. We go somewhere new, sometimes out of our comfort zone. We will probably not speak the language, and might say or do something slightly offensive unawares. However, the amount of things we learn not only about our destination but of ourselves is unquantifiable. You see places that you cannot describe with words, you meet people who will be in your life fleetingly but who will leave a lasting impression. And once you come back from your travels, you can’t wait to start planning your next trip.

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before; by the Dalai Lama.

So how do you cope with this wanderlust? And how can you put your travelling mark on your home? There are so many fridge magnets and mugs you can bring back without having your house feel cluttered. We have gathered some design inspiration to display memories, plans and which will help us cope with our Fernweh – an ache for distant places.


Maps, especially old ones, are whimsical. They convey a sense of past adventures, and adventures that are still to come.
1. Use lots of different maps as wallpaper to make a feature wall in your home.

1. 30s Magazine

Image sourced from 30s Magazine

2. Or find a big mapa mundi and have that be your feature wall.

2. Bohemian-Chic-Living-Rooms-14-1-One Kindesign

Image sourced from One Kindesign

3. You can make some bunting or a word out of some cardboard and maps. You could also use maps as decoupage and cover table surfaces, coasters or photo frames.

4. Brick Street Cottage 3. How Did You Make This

Images sourced from Brick Street Cottage and How Did You Make This

4. Why not trace your road trip? You can frame it or make it part of a scrapbook page later on.

5. Sadie_Seasongoods_embroidery_on_vintage_map_summer_road_trip_route

Image sourced from Sadie Seasonsgoods


Suitcases not only look great, but are a great option for storage.

1. You stack a couple and use them as a nightstand.

6. Refreshed Sty;e

Image sourced from Refresh Restyle

2. Why not store your travelling guides in a small suitcase and store them on a side table?

7. Apartment Therapy

Image sourced from Apartment Therapy 

3. If you are given to DIY, you can upcycle a suitcase and turn into table or a chair!

8. Pinterest9. Fresh IdeenAbove image sourced from Fresh Ideen

Left image sourced from Pinterest



A part from maps and suitcases, you can look into these other accents that will to your traveller’s décor.

1. If you trace a map with pins and make either a heart, circle, or whatever shape you fancy, you can then use a piece of thread to tie around the inner and outer pins. The result should resemble this.

9. Useful DIY

Image sourced from Useful DIY

2. An easy option is to find some nice prints and to simply frame them. Vintage posters would look really nice, or why not try and find some by a local artist?

10. The Creativity Exchange

Image sourced from The Creative Exchange

3. This also works if you have loved ones spread across the world. Clocks that show different time zones.

11. The House That A_M Built

Image sourced from The House That A-M Built

4. And finally, find a big jar and fill it with old explorer gear. Some binoculars, old travel notebooks, a flask, a pocket watch; these items will be an interesting focal point to a room or office.

12. Miss Mustard Seed

Image sourced from Miss Mustard Seed

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert