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10 Ideas on How to Hygge in Autumn

It’s here! The crisp mornings, the warm colours on the trees, puddles, the shorter days. Autumn has finally arrived. Now, if you have been following our series on Hygge, you are probably taking out the blankets and candles as we speak. We approve. But there’s more to life than than these two lovely, oh-so-cosy, items. Here’s what you can do to Hygge in Autumn.

Walks and drinks

Very little can beat walks in the countryside in Autumn; nature can put on amazing displays of colour. The dichotomy between the intensity of colours are and the reason for the colouring does not escape us. It marks the end of the growing season, plants and trees have done their work and are putting themselves to sleep. In contrast, the smell of fallen leaves, the warm colours, puddles, and that feeling you get when you sit on the sofa after a refreshing walk is second to none.

Similarly, the autumn and winter months is when the kettle works overtime. Why not put together a Hot Drinks Station? Coffee, hot chocolate, teas. Anything goes to warm up the senses.



There’s no need to wait until the spring to declutter. Old textbooks, notebooks, candid stick pictures that never went onto the fridge door. Floordrobes and chairdrobes that haven’t been seen for weeks. Focus on surfaces; a clear surface instantly draws a breath of relief and clears the mind.

Hot water

If you have been caught in the rain on your way home, there are two ways that will help you warm up: a hot water bottle, or a hot bath. Add candles as necessary.

Fetch your knitting needles

Go on, you know you have them somewhere. You put them with your colouring book, your embroidery hoop and your candle-making kit. Do your research and find natural fibre wool (as opposed to acrylic) and lose yourself in the wonder that are independent wool dyers. It is very satisfying to wear or gift an item you have made yourself. Start with a hat or a scarf; socks and shawls to follow. Attempt a cardi or a sweater when you’re more confident and you’ll soon have items flying off your needles!


Join a club

Hygge is also about having a sense of purpose and being part of a community. Find a group or society whose interests and values you agree with. This is particularly useful if you are new to an area or there isn’t anyone in your circle who shares your passion for cycling, crochet or model making.

Step out into the garden

Although most plants will have finished flowering and days are getting shorter, there is still a reason to sit in the garden. Why not have breakfast outside over the weekend with a nice hot beverage and a good book or magazine? Make time to enjoy me-time. If breakfast is the only time of the day when you can be silent, read or dance to the radio, then by all means do it. Autumn is also the time when animals will start venturing into your garden to forage for food; a site not to be missed!


Have you heard of this word before? It’s a Japanese word that translated to “the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling it up together with other such unread books”. If you are a bookworm, you will be very familiar with this, er, affliction.


Image Source: Pinterest

 No internet for an hour

Try and set aside your phone and not use it for an hour, particularly social media. We all complain about the fact that we have less time to do stuff; the truth of the matter is that we spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. There are apps you can use that block notifications, or you can set your phone on airplane mode.


There’s plenty to harvest for free in your local area. From blackberries to damsons, rowan to rose hips, as well as raspberries, hazelnuts and, of course, apples! While it is not illegal to forage, you must ask for permission if you are on private land, and do think about leaving some fruit and nuts for other people and wildlife.

 Potluck dinner

Why not take the essence of Thanksgiving and make it a tradition with friends? Some call it “Friendsgiving”. Gather some friends and have them each make a dish to bring to the table. You can be as specific or free as you want. From “it must have X in the recipe” to “dessert dish”, or simply “cook your favourite dish”, Autumn is a great time to get together as the summer holidays are over and everyone is back in town.


ThePrettyBlog - Friendsgiving

Brad and Jen’s Friendsgiving via The Pretty Blog

Be inspired by the cooler days and fresh evening. Make the most of your days and enjoy picking up hobbies you have neglected over the summer months. What will you doing this autumn to be as Hygge as possible? 

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Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert