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Member Upcycling Ideas | Upcycled Coffee Table

I was looking for a glass topped table to upcycle in order to make an interesting and unique Tortoise table. I found this 60’s coffee table on Preloved for just £15 and it was exactly what I was looking for!

Once I got the table home, I sanded all of the wood down in order to get rid of the scuffs and scratches, and added legs to the base. Using a woodfiller I then filled in the gaps between the sides and the legs of the table. I sandpapered this down once more.

Once I was happy that the filler was sanded and smooth enough, I varnished the table using an outdoor, weather proof varnish in satin black. I used this particular paint as it was water resistant and I would be adding a water dish and bath to the finished table.

I then added a lamp with a bamboo covering so that Sheldon (my much loved pet tortoise!) would not hurt himself if he got too close. I also added UVA and UVB bulbs as these are a requirement in order to keep Sheldon happy and healthy.

Sheldon also has a shelter and a bath here for him to swim in. I buy him living plants to eat which are sprinkled with calcium powder in order to help his shell to grow strong.

Sheldon is a Horsefields Tortoise who I rehomed from Preloved. I bought him when he was 4 months old and he is now around 7 months old. He is very happy and healthy living in his unique Tortoise table.

Sheldon’s enclosure is an interesting and unique talking point and everyone who visits always comments on how different it really is. Many people say that they have never seen anything like it before. I have had lots of really positive comments about this project.

In a couple of years Sheldon will outgrow this Tortoise table and I will then be looking for a new project to upcycle. The new upcycling project will then become Sheldon’s new home. I will then be listing Sheldon’s current enclosure on Preloved in order that someone else can enjoy it as much as I have.

Autumn is here! For more information on hibernating your tortoise, read our Tortoise Hibernation guide.

Sarah Dudhill

Sarah Dudhill

Community User

Sarah is one of our Preloved members and lives with her husband and two children in Rotherham. Sarah has always been interested in making things from a very early age. Upcycling is Sarah's way of creating interesting items which suit her needs, whilst being unique compared to what you can find on the high street.