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Preloved Blogger Event, Ziferblat Manchester

On Saturday 18th April, Preloved held an intimate bloggers event in Manchester at a quaint little venue called Ziferblat. Located in the Northern Quarter, a small group of local bloggers attended the event to have a relaxing little meet up and also take part in some upcycling and DIY activities, which echo the thrifty vibes we channel here at Preloved!

Ziferblat is a wonderful location with such a unique concept; we knew it would be the perfect fit for the Preloved Event. Whether you’re going to work, study, relax or hold an event like us – you pay for the time you spend in the venue and everything else is free inside. For 5 pence per minute, you can treat yourself to any of the refreshments inside and enjoy the company of fellow creative minds. Armed with a fresh latte from the coffee machine and a few cupcakes to keep us going, the Preloved team and the bloggers gathered and the fun began!

At the event, bloggers made their own homemade coffee body scrub, which is a really simple and effective treat for bath or shower time. All you need to make your own coffee scrub at home is coffee grounds (which can usually be obtained from your local coffee shop for free!), sugar or salt and coconut oil (but olive oil also does the trick!). Simply mix the ingredients together and you have your very own low cost pampering treat to enjoy at home. Coffee is a product we seem to enjoy daily to get us feeling energised and fresh in the mornings via a cup, but a lot of people tend to under estimate its brilliant abilities in skincare. Coffee is great for stimulating your skin, whilst also acting as an anti-inflammatory to soothe any redness.  Forget companies charging you the earth for pre packed coffee based body scrubs, for next to nothing you can create your own with ingredients straight from your kitchen cupboard!

We also upcycled old keys in to new necklaces at the event, using a range of nail varnishes from our friends at Look Fantastic. This is the perfect way to utilise not only nail varnishes you no longer wear, but also those random keys we always seem to find but don’t know what they are for! Paired with a colourful ribbon, key necklaces are a cute and quirky way to make fashionable use of even more unused household items.

The two hour event seemed to fly by, with everyone getting creative and enjoying the unique space we’d managed to arrange for the afternoon. It was a great experience to meet local bloggers from Leeds and Manchester, and we feel a little bit honoured that they took time out of their busy blogging lives to come along and spend some time with some of our Preloved team.

A big thank you to all the bloggers who attended. We’ll be sharing even more images from the event over on our Facebook page and Twitter, so be sure to head across so you can keep an eye out to see more pictures of all the fun!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert