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Tricks for Treats – 4 Tricks to Teach Your Dog

We can all remember the day our beloved dog reacted to a command. It was probably responding to something like “sit” or “shall we go to the PARK? Yay! You understood! Good boy!” Toilet training is also a big step. You can teach your dog new tricks throughout its life as long as the he is physically and mentally able to learn. You just need to be patient and consistent.

Of course, all dogs are different, and if you and your pooch are struggling with basic commands, we recommend find a behaviour expert, consult with your vet or seek advice from a professional or join a training class such as the ones offered by the Dogs Trust.

It is important to use positive reinforcement when training your dog, we do not believe in inducing fear under any circumstance. Some may learn quicker than others, but reward any show of intention and engagement. Here are some of our favourite tricks.


This video is extremely comprehensive and builds up to the wave step by step. Starting with teaching how to sit, how to raise their paw and then how to wave.

Leave it

Ever opened the fridge and dropped the packet of cheese? How fast was your dog there to “assist” you? This video shows you how to drill the Leave It command with Victoria Stilwell step by step. At first it seems unlikely the dog will learn to control himself, we dare you not to smile or utter a hushed “yay!” when he connects not gobbling up the food with praise. Can you spot the moment the student looks at the camera as if he were saying: “Seriously?”

Ring a bell to go out

Many dog owners are proud to train their dogs to a point where they show independence. One way of doing this is by getting your pet to ring a bell placed near the door to indicate they want to go to the loo. This video teaches your dog how to ring a bell on command, which is the first step to getting your dog to ring the bell when they need it.

Identifying their Toys by name

Psychologist John Pilley explains how to teach your dog to identify their toys by name so they can retrieve them on command later. Granted Border Collies are one of the most intelligent breed of dogs on the planet, but as this video illustrates, it’s all about repetition and praise.

Dr Pilley suggests dogs should be praised by play instead of treats. What do you think? Does your dog respond better to play or to treats?

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert