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Repurposing Your Plastic Bags

With the 5p plastic bag charge that came into play this year, we have all surely managed to cut back on our use of plastic bags. However, let’s admit it, we still have a couple of bags full of (you know it) plastic bags from that time we forgot to take our shoppers.

This got us thinking, instead of slinging them all out, could there be another purpose to them? And boy the things we found. There’s a whole world out there of plarn, dear reader. Plarn? We hear you ask? Why yes, “plastic yarn”! The fact that there is even a term for it is promising, let’s be honest

So, without further ado, these are the creations we have been inspired by. Do let us know if you have tried any of these, or indeed others! We need to spread the plead culture!


Need we say more? Imagine some funky colours and they’ll combine perfectly with your outfit!

1. Crafts Stylish

Image Credit: Crafts Stylish


These backpacks look amazing and are very sturdy. They originated over at Bags Be Gone, whose founder has travelled around the world teaching people to make things out of plastic.

2. Bags Be Gone

Image Credit: Bags Be Gone


You don’t need to be a crochet whiz to make this basket; this tutorial tells you all you need to know. Basically, you just need attach strands of cut up plastic to each other and make a really long braid.

3. Instructables

Image Credit: Instructables


Any occasion is a valid one for pompoms!

4. Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

Skipping rope

How amazing is this? Such a great way to reuse plastic bags *and* make a toy.

5. A Childhood List

Image Credit: A Childhood List


This wreath looks like a great option to have at birthdays or for occasions.

Queen of The Household wreath

Image Credit: Queen Of The Household


These are perfect for when you want channel your inner hippie.

Erica May - bangles

Image Credit: Erica May

Baby bibs

These bibs are made of fused plastic bags, which is useful given they will be easier to wipe.

plastic bibs

Image Credit: Pinterest


The centre of the flower has been made with shredded straws, and the petals are plastic bags. You can find a tutorial here.

Expert Home Tips

Image Credit: Expert Home Tips


Can you imagine doing your weekly shop with this? You can carry your veg, fruit and bread! Learn how to make one here.


Image Credit: Instructables


And as a bonus round, we found this on Inner Design. How amazing would it be to have this bust hanging on the wall?!

Inner Design

Image Credit: Inner Design

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert