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How To Hide A Bad Wall Without A Paintbrush

How To Hide A Bad Wall Without A Paintbrush

When decorating a wall, the first thing most people think of is usually grabbing a paintbrush. This can make a room look fresher and cleaner, but if the wall you are covering is too flawed for paint alone to do the trick, you need to use something else to cover the wall. Here are some ways that you can cover up a bad wall without a paintbrush.


When it comes to covering walls without paint, wallpaper is often the next thing someone will think of. It is a good alternative to paint, but you do not necessarily have to use traditional
wallpaper for this wall covering style; you can give it some flavour.

If you are looking for something you can change more often than wallpaper allows for, you can get temporary wallpaper that you can easily take down.

Covering a bad wall without a paintbrush - wallpaper

Literary Paper

If you have old dictionaries, textbooks, coffee table books, or even just random books you find at a thrift store, you can use the pages as wallpaper. This gives your walls some character and a unique covering.

literary wallpaper

Washi Tape

For walls that just have some small holes, or if you want to be able to change out your wall decor frequently, you can use the popular washi tape. It comes in a variety of widths, colors, and designs to choose from, and it is easy to remove from the wall when you want to change it out.

washi tape

Printed Murals

You can get prints of murals large enough to cover your entire wall. This will add some style and character to the wall. Full-size maps and blueprints are unique mural-style coverings that can make the room even more unique.

Covering a bad wall without a paintbrush - printed murals


Printing out photos to turn into a collage on your wall is another unique approach to covering a bad wall. You can put them together in whatever pattern looks good to you, and this is another thing you can change out periodically when you feel the need for change.

Covering a bad wall without a paintbrush - photos


There are numerous ways you can use fabric to cover up your walls. This is a good method of covering up a bad wall if you are renting too since it can be removed easily and leave no trace behind. You can hang tapestries, curtains, shower curtains, rugs, or even just plain fabric.

tapestry hanging

Faux Stone and Brick Veneer

The look of a brick or stone accent wall in a home can give it charm and personality, but having brick or stone installed can be an expensive and messy process that requires a professional. There is an alternative, though — faux stone and brick veneer. You can get a variety of colors from GenStone, and it is completely DIY-friendly. This allows you to get the real thing’s look and feel, without the price, construction timeline, or mess.

You can cover a bad wall completely behind GenStone’s panels and bring some natural beauty and character to the interior of your home. This will give you a much more unique look than painting, and no one can tell that it is not real brick or stone on your walls. These are Class-A fire-rated so that they can be used on a wall with a fireplace without worry.

faux stone wallpapaper

Wall Decals

Depending on how bad the wall is, this may or may not work well. You can get them in any colors, designs, shapes, and sizes you want, and they are an affordable option that is easy to apply to a wall. When placing decals, you will want to move slowly to ensure they do not bubble.

If the walls in your bathroom or your kitchen backsplash need jazzing up, you can get decals specifically for those. Since tile is hard to paint, this is a great alternative, so that you do not have to replace the tiles with ones you like better. They can also be changed, so you are not stuck with them if you decide you are tired of them.

To remove decals, you can apply heat with a hairdryer on a low setting, which will help loosen it up to remove it with ease.

Covering a bad wall without a paintbrush - wall decals

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