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Unusual Sports | Water Sport Holidays

The number of water sports is huge, ranging from recreational to athletic. With the growing popularity of these sports, water sport holidays are becoming more and more common. Activity holidays have always been a popular choice for families, now it’s all about taking it to the water.

What does a water sport holiday involve?

A water sport holiday is an adventure suitable for everyone. With activities planned out each day, no day goes to waste. With professionals to help you along the way, it’s ok if you’re a novice! If you’re more confident, there are activities to suit your style too.

What kinds of water sports are there?


Kayaking is a popular water sport. Similar to canoeing, the difference is that the paddler faces forward, with his legs in front and they use a double-bladed paddle. Most kayaks are closed, so your legs go inside the boat, but sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks are becoming popular. Find second hand kayaks on Preloved!


Knee boarding is a skimming and spinning sport on a board that can be towed behind a boat. As you are lower to the water, it’s a lot easier to stay on the board than if you are waterskiing. See what second hand water boards you can find on Preloved.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing involves a small propelled vehicle skimming across the water. The jet ski looks very similar to a scooter and is suitable for one person. Browse used jet skis on Preloved!

Blue Jet Ski



Sailing involves hoisting and furling sails, winching, tacking, gybing and trimming. Sounds complicated, but on a water sport holiday you can learn the basics and there is always help at hand. If you’d rather not learn, you can always sit and enjoy the ride! Guess what, we have used sail boats on Preloved too!


Snorkeling is all about seeing the beauty below the water. You wear a snorkel and can swim on or through the water, taking in the beautiful sights below. On a water sports holiday, guides will always take you the best area when snorkeling. It’s much more about the sights and the experience than the athletic aspect like lots of other water sports. You can pick up second hand snorkels on Preloved.


Surfing is probably the most well known amongst non-water sporters. It involves lying or standing on a surfboard, riding the waves of the sea. We found this second hand surfboard on Preloved, why not see if you can find one for yourself in our surfing section.

Orange Surfboard


Water Skiing & Wake Boarding

Water skiing is a well known and established water sport. As you may expect, it involves skiing on water! As a beginner you would have a deep water start on two skis. When you feel confident you can progress to mono skiing, which involves just one ski. See what you can pick up second hand in our water ski section!

Wake boarding is very similar to water skiing. The differences are that you use a board instead of skis and you go at a slower speed. With the slower speed comes more air, which means there’s a lot more balance and muscle involved but with a little determination it can be a lot of fun!

There are many more water sports to consider, almost 70 different types! Many of which you can learn more about and take part in on a water sport holiday. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in and have an incredible summer!

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

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