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DIY gym equipment

More and more people are resorting to working out at home. Investing in equipment, however, can be expensive. Find out some alternatives with these DIY gym equipment ideas!

2016-12-28 00:00:20By Natalie Reynolds

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7 Unusual Sports from Around the World

After the exciting sporting events this summer and witnessing some true sporting spirit with the Brownlee brothers recently, now is as good a time as ever to pick up a new sporting hobby. We have gathered some unusual sports and competitions that take place around the world. Which one is your favourite?

2016-10-18 00:00:21By Natalie Reynolds


Dressage: An Equine History

To the untrained eye, one might concentrate intently on the horse, but it’s only when the rider fist-pumps the air as a sign of victory that you realise they were guiding the horse throughout the ‘performance’. But where did it all start? Read of to find out where this sport came from!

2016-07-26 09:25:23By Natalie Reynolds

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Hikes for Beginners

Have you ever found yourself wanting to try hiking but never thought you would? Maybe you'll be inspired by these five UK based walk for the beginner.

2016-07-08 14:42:30By Natalie Reynolds

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Second hand Golf Clubs and Accessories

Every day on Preloved, there are almost 2000 adverts for second hand golf clubs and accessories, which means you can get started playing golf at little cost.

2014-11-09 16:12:29By Amy Lockley

Buying & selling

Second Hand Sports Equipment

Get outside and discover your favourite sport this summer - if you don't already have one that is! We have second hand sports equipment across the Preloved site for bargain prices.

2014-06-27 10:35:22By Natalie Reynolds


World Cup Football Memorabilia on Preloved

Film and TV memorabilia is big business, from Harry Potter to James Bond, so caught up with some experts to learn more about the growing craze for collecting

2014-06-13 16:03:19By Adele Gardner

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Joga Bonito! World Cup Shirts with Preloved

With the fantastic sporting tournament gracing our screens, getting into the World Cup spirit couldn't be possible without a classic world cup football shirt. See what you can find on Preloved!

2014-06-13 14:32:13By Alexander Vaughan


Unusual Sports | Water Sport Holidays

Waterskiing, surfing, sailing - whatever the water sport, water sport holidays have it all and let you learn along the way.

2014-05-28 15:04:34By Adele Gardner