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Keeping Fit during Lockdown- All you need to Know

Keeping Fit during Lockdown- All you need to Know

Regular exercise or physical activity is extremely important for our well‐being. Our bodies need movement to keep healthy and flexible. Keeping fit not only improves our quality of life but also our mood and appearance, so what’s there to lose?

Following Boris Johnson’s most recent announcement, we are now allowed unlimited outdoor exercise. This is great news because, although gyms are still closed, we can now enjoy outdoor activities without watching the clock. You may even find that exercising outdoors is even more enjoyable than exercising at home, especially now that summer is here! Furthermore, buying just a few exercise tools second-hand means you can save a lot of money!

Ok, so you are eager to start exercising, but what exercise should you do, where should you do it, and for how much? Since it looks like gyms are not going to reopen any time soon, you may want to explore other options for keeping fit, I promise you, there are quite a few good ones!

keeping fit in the park

Create your own exercise routine

This is the answer for you if motivation is not an issue and you like managing your own time in a fluid and flexible way. The benefits are that you can save your pennies and execute as many days a week as you wish.

The downside is that you’ll have to do a little research into what type of exercise is good for you, with regards to what you want to achieve. There is a large variety of fitness videos available on YouTube. All you have to do is have a little browse to see what takes your fancy and answers your needs.

Although there are a variety of fitness formulas, I think it’s important to simplify things. The bottom line is that doing some form of physical activity is good for everyone. This does not require you to be a fitness guru nor does it require having expensive equipment.

As Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a Thor, showed us on his Instagram feed, you can be a little creative using what you have laying around the house and still come up with a great workout.

chris hemsworth home workout

Don’t be afraid to try out different exercise routines – Have fun with it!

Be rest assured that a little experimentation can open doors to new exciting worlds of keeping fit!

In the present situation we are encouraged to cycle to work if we can. This is a great idea as you can keep fit while commuting and, you can get one cheaply second hand! After I bought my first property in 2009, I decided to do just that as I was left with very little money. Since I could not afford a road bike, I cycled for three years on an old and knackered mountain bike. Despite this challenging scenario, I had an enormous amount of fun and I also got fit!

Years later, I took up running. After doing some research and speaking to friends, I quickly came to understand the importance of owning a good pair of running shoes. As a personal preference, it’s worth considering Runner’s Needs. Here you can test different running shoes on the treadmill while being advised by very knowledgeable staff.

More recently, while taking up a sabbatical in Spain, I decided to find other cheap ways of exercising. By then I was fully invested in the benefits of it, so I dug out a few exercise tools I had bought two decades earlier and explored the options available on YouTube. Some of my personal all‐time favourite workouts are the Beach Body‐ 40 Minute Fat‐Burning HIIT Workout by BeFitGo, the Cassie Ho blogilates classes, and the PopSugar workouts. During the recent lockdown I have been enjoying boxing workouts by Christa DiPaolo, even though I have never, nor do I plan to, get in the ring!

Personally, I find that a Pilate mat, a couple of light weights, a skipping rope, a pair of running shoes, and an ABS wheel can go a long long way! Doing physical activity does not need to be boring or repetitive. Have fun with it! Try different things and seek to join others in what they do, like joining a friend as they walk the dog in the evening.

Once you have learned certain exercises and how to execute them properly, you can pretty much repeat at home, in your local park, or wherever appropriate. And, if finding the motivation is what you need, here’s some tips on overcoming the exercise gloom.

keeping fit at home

Top Tips for the Gym when they eventually reopen

It is true that gyms offer professional equipment and a variety of fitness classes, but it can be expensive and classes may not fit in with our busy schedules. Some might even find it a daunting experience and be put off altogether.

If you feel attending a class might help your motivation or you simply want to socialise, perhaps getting a gym membership once lockdown is lifted might be the answer. Why not start searching what options are available in your area, to understand what kind of exercise you are happy to commit to in the future and how much you are prepared to pay for it.

Look out for promotions that let you try out a class first, inquire about gyms that might offer discounted membership through work, and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy to avoid sticky situations.

keeping fit with fitness classes

The bottom line on keeping fit

Just get out there and be active! Go on a daily walk, take to a skipping rope, or try out some tutorials on YouTube. Expose yourself to the many unique ways to exercise that are out there and don’t feel bad if some don’t work out for you. During one of my experimental periods I even tried online tap‐dancing tutorials. Although I only managed it for a couple of days, I still remember my legs aching for days. It was a great workout, albeit – I am quite sure ‐ one my neighbour was relieved I gave up!

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Lorenza Brock

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