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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Social Distancing

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day during Social Distancing

With many of us moving closer to isolation with the kids being off school and the new work from home culture, it is important for us to still celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday to the best of our ability. With many aspects of our social and professional lives put on hold, Mothering Sunday shouldn’t be another event to add to that list. So, we’ve come up with a few ways that you can treat your mum on her special day this Sunday from the comfort of your own home.

Breakfast in Bed

Even without the COVID19 outbreak, this is a given treat to start off any Mother’s Day. Whether its scrambled eggs on toast, a warm croissant and a cup of tea or going all out with a full fry-up, your mum deserves that 5-star service from the get-go without even moving an inch!

breakfast in bed

Give her a break this Mother’s Day

Mum’s deserve a day off once in a while… and we’re not talking about the office! Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to volunteer to do all the house chores today. This means, any washing up, tidying, cooking, and all the other tedious jobs your mum does on the daily. They are now your responsibility for one day- And no complaining!


A Mother’s Day Lie-in

Many mother’s lead chaotic and hectic lifestyles nowadays. Whether that be getting the kids to school, or extra-curriculum activities, leading a busy work life, whilst scheduling time for their own hobbies, we can often feel burnt out when it finally comes to the weekend. So instead of bursting through her door at the crack of dawn, allow your mum to sleep in and rest up until her body is really ready to wake up. Why not greet her in the late morning when she is ready with a lovely brunch made by the kids?

cat on bed

Family Face-time                                                                                                 

If like many of us, you don’t actually live with or near your mum, you may feel that the social distancing protocol makes it pretty impossible to celebrate Mother’s Day with your loved one. You may even feel like it is the safest option to forget the day altogether, where you don’t want to put your elder family members at risk. This is where modern technology becomes a positive influence in our lives. We now have many platforms like Skype and Face Time which allow you to connect with family members no matter how near or far. Why not schedule a call for Mothering Sunday as a great alternative to physically meeting up, so you can still let them know how much you appreciate them.

face time

Compensate for that cancelled Mother’s Day meal

We understand that as part of the Coronavirus delay stage, many restaurants and cafes are beginning to close down. But for now at least, the supermarkets are still open! So, head out to buy a loaf of bread, your mums favourite sandwich fillings, and some sweet treats so that you can put together a delicious Afternoon Tea at home. It’s way more special than your standard lunch and you could even upgrade the Tea to Prosecco if mum fancied.

mother's day afternoon tea

Movie Marathon

Let mum put her feet up and take total control of that remote. When it comes to the television today, what mum says goes! Whether it be an all-day Coronation Street catch-up or her favourite Netflix binge series, mum gets to decide.


Treat her on Mother’s Day

Although you may feel restricted to the four walls of your family home this weekend, there are still many things you can do to make your mum feel extra special. Companies like Interflora and Moonpig are still delivering Mother’s day Flowers and cards to your doorstep. See our exclusive offer on Plants courtesy of Appleyard as well. You can always surprise your mum with a special piece of jewellery or a bottle of perfume that she has been suspiciously reminding you about for the past month or so!

mother's day flowers

We are going through perhaps one of the strangest and unknowing periods of modern-day life with the Coronavirus pandemic, but please don’t forget that this Mother’s Day, your mum still needs to feel thought of and loved. Regardless of the circumstances of limited social contact and unnecessary travel, Mothering Sunday should not be disregarded.

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