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Second Hand Plants and Outdoor Furniture

To celebrate National Gardening Week, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best second hand garden-related buys on Preloved for you to get your green fingers on.



We know that valuable resources are used up when new furniture is produced. That’s why we at Preloved love second hand, and encourage all of our lovely members to buy and sell as much second hand furniture as possible! With plants however, it’s a different story… we believe that there can’t be enough of them! The more plants the better!

With that said, there are a small selection of second hand plants on Preloved – some of which are stunning and are in need of new homes! Perhaps their owners are downsizing or moving overseas. Whatever the reason, why not have a browse and see if there are any plants that you could give a home to in your local area?

Second Hand Outdoor Furniture


Garden furniture can often be quite pricey, and for the amount of time the UK weather permits us to spend outside, sometimes the price is hardly worth it. That’s why buying second hand is a sound financial decision, plus there’s some beautiful furniture to be snapped up!

Tools and Equipment


From lawn mowers to chainsaws, there’s loads of second hand gardening equipment on Preloved. If you’re thinking about giving your garden a makeover before summer, why not see what second hand equipment you can find on Preloved which may help you on your quest to garden paradise? There’s stuff on there that’s nearly new

What kind of Preloved gardening gems have you found? Tell us @Preloved!

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

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