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Second hand Project – Make a Mirror Side Table

Tired table, heavy old mirror. Apart they may seem like their best days are behind them but bring them together and you can create a beautiful and practical side table that, like all beautifully mirrored furniture, will hardly seem like it’s there!

You Will Need:

  • Round vintage mirror with wooden back
  • Round side table
  • Sandpaper
  • TSP or sugar soap
  • Primer
  • Wood paint and paintbrush
  • Masking tape (optional)
  • Hot glue gun

The key to this project is selecting a mirror that is at least the same diameter (or larger) than your side table (or selecting a table that is the same size or smaller than your mirror!). Lay your mirror face up on the table, center it, and check that it covers the table top (see image below). Vintage mirrors usually come with a flat wooden back, which is essential for the table top to be strong, especially if it extends out from your table base.

Give the side table a good sanding down and remove all dust and any dirt. TSP or sugar soap solution is good for this—follow the instructions on the packaging.

Apply one layer of primer to the table but leave the top surface unpainted (see image below). Make sure you avoid any drips in the finish. Let dry. Paint the table with one coat of paint in your chosen color, again leaving the table top unpainted and avoiding drips in the finish. You may need one or two coats depending on the color and type of paint you use.

If you wish to paint the wooden back of the mirror so that it matches your table legs, you can either mask off the glass with masking tape (see image below) or you can remove the mirror and paint the wood. Work on a flat surface, like the floor, with an old blanket laid out to protect the delicate glass and carefully remove the mirror fixings. Prepare and paint your wood. Pay special attention to the edges of the frame, as this is the part that you will see. Reassemble when dry.

To assemble the table, place the mirror face down on an old blanket on the floor then place the table upside down onto the mirror back (see image below). Position it centrally and mark around the edge with a pencil. Remove the table, apply glue to the table top, and reposition the table using your pencil mark to guide you. Once aligned, press firmly. Remember, if you are using a hot glue gun that you need to work swiftly as the glue sets quickly!

Once dry, turn the table the right way up and give the glass a polish. Add a beautiful vase of flowers and you have a glamorous addition for any room.


Wrap colorful ribbons or strips of fabric around the table legs for a touch of homespun style.

Mirror tables look great with candles or lamps on, as the reflective surface helps bounce the light around the room and can create interesting effects.

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Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

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