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Student Recipes: Chocolate Grapes

University student Ellie loves food and is always looking for ways to eat healthy while sticking to the budget that is living as a student. She believes there is life beyond beans on toast and wants to raise awareness that take-away and ready-made meals are more expensive than buying ingredients fresh.

Chocolate grapes

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I can dip a few grapes in chocolate and call it a recipe, but it’s such a simple idea that it doesn’t occur to a lot of people. I don’t know about you but, as a student buying everything for just one person, I’m constantly worried about food going off before I have chance to eat it. Want to go out for lunch? I can’t – I’ve got to go home and eat that last portion of couscous I made 3 days ago before it goes off. I hate wasting food. But, alas, sometimes you come to a tub of grapes to find that they’re a bit past their prime. Fear not, dip them in a bit of chocolate and you’ll never taste the difference.

For the ever-growing number of vegans out there, this is a tasty snack even you can enjoy – just use dark chocolate. For the rest of us, using dark chocolate can keep this pretty healthy while getting a little pick me up on those days when it feels like the weekend is a mirage that will evade our grasp forever. After all, they say ‘a dark chocolate a day keeps the doctor away’ – that’s the phrase, right? I’ve used white chocolate drizzled over the top to counter the bitterness of the dark (and it looks super fancy) and then done the same the other way around for a sweeter treat.

Cost: £2.75 as served; £3.50 as purchased.

5 people
Prep Time
10 - 15 minutes
Cook Time
10-15 minutes


  • 500 grams grapes
  • 75 grams dark chocolate
  • 75 grams white chocolate


  1. Wash the grapes and remove from the stalk.

  2. Put 65g of dark chocolate in a microwaveable bowl and heat for approximately a minute until melted.

  3. Dip the grapes in the chocolate until half is covered and place on a plate to set.

  4. Repeat with the white chocolate.

  5. Melt the remaining dark chocolate and drizzle over the white chocolate coated grapes.

  6. Repeat the other way around.

  7. Place in the fridge for 10-15 mins or until solid.

Ellie Gowrie

Ellie Gowrie

Community User

Ellie is a student at the University of Exeter, studying English literature and Spanish. She loves music, travelling and, as a vegetarian, has developed an interest in cooking, especially simple, tasty recipes for students.