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Charity Members: Rosina Animal Centre

Here at Preloved, we love to hear about charities that use the site to benefit their causes. There are an abundance of animal rescues that make the most of their free Preloved charity membership in order to help animals that are in need, whilst also find loving forever homes for animals in their care. We caught up with Karen from Rosina Animal Centre to find out more about how the charity use Preloved to their advantage.

Animals at the Rosina Animal centre

Rosina Animal Centre is a small family run Animal Rescue based in Kent. Here at Rosina’s we take abused, unwanted or neglected Animals into our care and try our best to find them a new home. Some Animals, however, cannot be rehomed as they have been harmed or have behaviour issues that most families cannot cope with. These animals spend the rest of their days with us at the rescue centre.

Dogs at Rosina Animal Centre

We rely on sites like Preloved to help us gain supporters, donations, volunteers and new homes for our animals. Every potential home that comes through Preloved goes through our rehoming process, and to date we have rehomed over 15 animals to families who saw our adverts on Preloved. Dogs like Roxy the German Shepherd found her new home in Hampshire with plenty of acres to run around on, and Burt the Rottweiler is now in his new home in Wales after his owner Kevin fell in love with him after seeing him advertised on Preloved.

We have animals come to us from all over the country, such as Goliath the Terrapin who came from up North and was sent to us by an RSPCA member. Others were brought to us by their owners who could no longer give them the care they needed, like April the Tortoise, who will stay with us as she is very big and needs more handling to gain confidence with people. Some dogs like poor Gracie were being given away because they could no longer be bred from; she came to us and now lives with her new owner Sue who absolutely adores Gracie.

Animals at the centre

We find that a lot of our supporters like to donate food and toys by putting them in one of our charity bins or donation boxes. We have these at Sainsbury’s in Aylesford, Walkies Pet Supplies, the Card Hall and KJ’s Newsagents in the Mall in Maidstone. Other supporters prefer to pay for things like food, toys and bedding from our Amazon wish list which can be found online.

dogs and

We rely on Donations to help us as we receive no funding from councils. Our biggest supporters are people who have rehomed animals from us or have heard about the work we do from friends. If you would like to Donate or set up a standing order, you can find out how to donate to the Rosina Animal Centre on the website.

Karen Brigden

Karen Brigden

Community User

The Rosina Animal centre help to care for and find homes for all kinds of different animals. They are a registered charity based in Kent, and rely solely on donations from supporters to keep helping the animals in their care.