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Keep Your Pets Safe: Pet Poisoning Advice

Sometimes our pets find themselves in a little bit of a pickle don’t they? From our cats getting in to cheeky scuffles with the local neighbourhood stray, to dogs running amuck getting muddy in the fields; if there’s a way for our pets to get in to mischief, they’ll be certain to find it!

One issue which can be life threatening to pets is poisoning.

Pets can find themselves falling ill by poisoning for a variety of reasons. Whether they’ve accidentally licked a substance off their fur, drunk a liquid which is harmful to them, or eaten human food which is toxic to their system – it could be an accident or deliberate, but the important thing is knowing the right way to treat them if they are ever exposed to harmful substances.

My pet had been poisoned – What do I do?

The first step is to not panic. When an animal shows signs of poisoning we think the worst, but stay calm and take them to the vets immediately. If you know what the substance is which has been digested make sure you take the packaging and a sample to your vets with you. Keep them away from other animals and don’t ever try and make your pet vomit or feed them salt water to try and induce vomiting; this will just make them even more ill. It’s important to act quickly in cases of poisoning, so don’t just assume the symptoms will go away.

What are the symptoms of poisoning?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your pet has been poisoned as symptoms can be subtle to start with, but there are some tell-tale signs which are common in cases of poisoning.

Symptoms of pet poisoning include:

  • Confusion/Disorientation
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fitting/Seizures

If you animal does show any signs of these symptoms, take them to the vets immediately.

What are the common substances that can poison pets?

There are a variety of substances which could harm your pet. Cats, dogs, rabbits and other domestic animals can all be affected by the following substances:

  • Flea treatments
  • Human medicines
  • Antifreeze
  • Slug pellets
  • Household chemicals
  • Human foods
  • Cats can also be poisoned by certain flowers such as Lilies

If you’re not aware of which human foods could harm your pets, take a look at our previous blog posts here and here to keep your cats and dogs safe in your home. It is important to always store harmful substances away from animals reach.

If you ever notice suspicious activities in your local area which could harm animals, it is important to report this as soon as possible to the RSPCA who will enforce the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) and will deal with these kinds of issues. The RSPCA urge urge anyone with any information about animal poisoning or evidence that any animal welfare offence has taken place to call them on 0300 123 8018.

Justine Dench

Justine Dench

Creative Editor

Justine Dench is the creative editor for Preloved. Her key personal interests include sustainability, conservation and animal welfare. Justine also has interests in photography, music, gardening and home interiors.