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Meet a Business Member: Creature Care Leicester

Here at Preloved, we love learning more about our members, whether they are free members looking for a quick bargain, paying members looking to be part of a like-minded community or those who use Preloved to help promote their own business.

We take great interest in those looking to build a business of their own, and often speak to our business members to understand how Preloved is helping them. Creature Care Leicesterare a great example of how advertising your business online can help it flourish!

Meet Creature Care Leicester

Leicester couple, Ash and Chris, decided to turn their passion for pets into a full time business last year, helping pet owners in their area by offering dog walking, pet sitting, horse care and much more. We caught up with Creature Care Leicester to find out a little more about what it is they do.

ash and chris from creature care leicester

Where does your passion for animals come from?

We’ve both grown up with countless animals including rabbits, cats, dogs, horses and an array of small animals. The animals in our lives have always been more than just pets, they’ve become some of our closest friends and greatest teachers. They enhance our lives by being a living example of endless patience, boundless joy and unconditional love and forgiveness. We care for almost any animal – small pets, dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, fish, reptiles and more.

Have you had special training to take care of certain animals?

Yes, we hold a diploma in pet sitting and a certificate an Animal Welfare and Behaviour. We’ve also had horse training experience with a renowned natural horsemanship trainer in Western Australia.

How do your services change the lives of your customers?

We’re incredibly flexible and hard working, and we seek to make our customers’ lives easier and to enhance the life of their pet. We don’t just ‘like’ animals, we have a deep love and reverence for all life forms. This means that we give every bit of our love and attention to each and every animal in our care.

What’s the best thing about advertising your business on Preloved?

The best thing is how widely our advert reaches, as well as how simple it is to manage our adverts.

Creature Care Leicester

Creature Care Leicester

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To get in touch with Ash to book a service,, phone on 07814 510 247 or check out their site