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9 Ways You Can Repurpose a Radiator

If you want to try your hand at repurposing something different that forces you to think outside the box, how about a radiator? Granted a couple of them are a little “out there”, but it just comes to show that you can literally make anything.

1. If you are opening a bar (or renovating) this might just be ideal.1. Apartment Therapy

2. This one would be great in the garden, right next to the barbecue…

2. Pinterest

3. Or you could for having it as a coffee table, with wheels, in the living room.

3. Mi Casa Revista 2

4. And we all remember Max Murdock’s creation at Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free.

4. Pinterest

5. If you the same type of old radiation around the house, this shop has put what seems like and old door or shutters on top and has created space underneath to display items.

5. Twig Decor

6. This would make a wonderful island in the kitchen.

6. Upcyclista

7. And some people have gone for a chair. Not sure how comfortable they would be, mind you. Perhaps add some cushions!

7. Style North7. Your Home Is Lovely

8. Someone has gone so far as to making a sun bed!

8. Inhabitat

9. And perhaps the most impressive of them all, a lamp! Fethi Atakol is a designer based in Italy who focuses on the term “re-use desing”, which means “to produce a new function upon and by relics, traces of a previous one”.

9. Upcycle Dzine

Have you been inspired by any of these images? Do you want to repurpose YOUR radiators now? 

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert