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The Perfect Match: My Used Fiat 500 on Preloved

As part of our Write for Us series, Georgina Carter Pickard tells us how, after months of searching, she finally found her dream car on Preloved!

Newly in Love with my Preloved Fiat 500

Having recently moved back from 11 years living abroad (and driving on the right) I was looking for a fresh start which meant, hopefully, a fantastic reliable car of my dreams.

I had set the husband to work trawling through the internet for the perfect little car for me. My first choice was a Fiat 500 as they are so economical to run, easy to park in the town and look incredibly fun to drive. At first it was a struggle to find a car in my price range and we had to revisit some other options and consider a completely different car altogether! Should we buy a car from abroad, even with the faff of tax and import costs? Or do we get a brand new car on finance? Finance was a viable option, as a brand new car would most likely be more reliable. But on the downside, it would irk me that I wouldn’t actually own the car after all the monthly payments which seemed like a waste of money to me. I am the sort of person who doesn’t spend money if I don’t have it.

The search faded and I began to think I’d never find my dream car. Eventually, however, after three months of looking on every popular car and auction website, we came across a little off-white fiat 500 in perfect condition on Preloved. Not only was the car local (using the location tool was helpful) but it was also realistically priced, in great condition, and had all the features that I had been looking for.

Fiat 500 and owner

We set up a viewing with the owner the following evening and I instantly fell in love. The car was better in reality than on the grainy online photo. It was only four years old and had been kept in a garage and hardly used. The mileage was low and it had a good service history. Later that evening through the Preloved email service we offered a good price and the deal was done. The following weekend I got to try out my new dream car. I was a little nervous about driving back in the UK, using manual gears and driving on the left felt a little alien; after all I am not a confident driver. But somehow, having a car that I had always dreamed to own made driving a little less daunting, and I know never to look back again unless it’s through my rear-view mirror.

Fiat 500

Thanks to Preloved for helping me find my match made in heaven!

Georgina Carter Pickard

Georgina Carter Pickard

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Georgina Carter Pickard is a contributor in our Write for Us series, and is a 39 year old designer from Teddington, Surrey. In her spare time she enjoys making her own range of home furnishings products for her online shop Norgstar Scandinavia and writes a popular renovation blog Rise of the Roost. Other hobbies include, travel, photography, walking her adopted Spanish dog and re-arranging other people’s furniture.