CoP17: CITES Updates For Endangered Species

On 4th February 2017, some important restrictions were put in place to protect more endangered and vulnerable animal species from excessive international trade. The African Grey parrot was one of these. Keep reading to learn more about the changes in law.

2017-02-14 09:00:57By Justine Dench


Lizard and Snake Care

The Animal Protection Agency discuss the needs and what the bear in mind should you be considering getting a reptile as a pet.

2016-07-29 10:33:45By Animal Protection Agency Foundation


Keeping Snakes and Lizards as Pets

In light of World Snake Day, the Animal Protection Agency want to talk about the importance of informing oneself before committing to caring for a reptile.

2016-07-16 16:26:48By Animal Protection Agency Foundation


Terrapin Care Sheet

Terrapins require specialist care to meet their complex welfare needs. There are many things to consider before committing to caring for a Terrapin, and we suggest that you read this guide before making such a commitment.

2016-05-03 14:18:34By Hannah Trayford


Pupdate: Honey and Baby

Like any pet, owning and looking after a reptile is a big responsibility. Preloved member, Jenny, shares her beautiful bearded dragons, Honey and Baby, with the Preloved community.

2016-04-07 11:34:33By Justine Dench


Tortoise Breed List and Care Guide

Happy World Turtle day! As a day to promote good husbandry and pet care, and share knowledge about our little shelled friends, we thought we would take a closer look at the differences between some popular species of pet tortoise.

2015-05-23 11:27:24By Justine Dench


Tortoise Hibernation

Are you a happy owner of a tortoise? Or are you looking to rehome one? Make sure you are fully informed about tortoise hibernation as we enter Autumn by reading our guide by the Blue Cross.

2014-10-20 10:45:26By Elise Smith