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7 Small Pets That You Need In Your Life

7 Small Pets That You Need In Your Life

In a fast-changing world where people are becoming ever more distant, the companionship and comfort of a pet is heartwarming. The warmth of physical contact has never been more needed, so it’s no surprise that keeping smaller pets has become a popular pastime. Caring for a small animal is deeply satisfying… so much so that holding and cuddling pets is widely known to alleviate stress and anxiety. In addition, watching the activities and antics of your small pets is sure to provide hours of good old-fashioned entertainment!

Small pets are a great choice for all sorts of people!

One of the great things about smaller pets is that you will not require as much room to house them and provide them a great quality of life. This makes smaller animals an ideal pick for a broad range of households and individuals including:

  • Seniors who will thrive on the companionship and routine of keeping a pet.
  • Isolated individuals who gain the company and occupation of looking after an animal.
  • Children, who can gain confidence and nurturing skills by mastering the care of a small pet.

Enjoy caring and cuddling these 7 delightful small pets

Below we share a selection of some of the best small pets that love to cuddle. Some require more work than others, but given their smaller size, you’re sure to find the right pet housing for them and you’re sure to be able to learn everything you need to build a firm friendship!

1. Chinchillas

The soft, dense fur of the Chinchilla is made for stroking and cuddling, and you could find yourself spending hours hugging these adorable rodents. Hailing from the Andes mountain range in South America the long-tailed domestic Chinchilla has found worldwide acclaim with its bright eyes, big ears, and warm temperament. Care has to be taken with the dentition, fur, and temperature control of these pets. They should be housed in at least a pair as they are highly sociable.

chinchilla small pets

2. Munchkin cats

Also known as Sausage cats, this incredibly cute miniature breed is as cuddly as it looks. It is characterized by its smaller stature and in particular short legs which are due to type dwarfism. They achieve a maximum weight of 8-9 pounds and come in a variety of colour patterns and hair lengths, meaning you will be sure to find your ideal pick. What they lack in size they make up in personality. They are inquisitive and engaging creatures and very sociable. They love human contact and cuddles and are sure to make great use of a dedicated ‘catio’ or playstation.


3. Sugar gliders

These sweet marsupials hail from Australia and will captivate you with their big eyes, tiny, caped proportions, and aerial acrobatics. Little hands will love to hold and stroke these tiny cuties that achieve a maximum length of 16 centimeters and weight of just over 120 grams. Ensure that any sugar glider cages you acquire are large enough to offer climbing and perhaps allow them to roam and glide in a room that is free of clutter. Diet is important to keep gliders healthy and should include fruits, boiled eggs, and honey.

sugar gliders small pets

4. Silkie hens

Bantam Silkies will delight you with their softy fluffy plumage and unique look. A miniature ornamental hen breed is great fun to look after and you are likely to find yourself rewarded with an egg or two as well! Females weigh just under a kilo and so are easy to hold and handle. They get on well with children too. A compact coop and chicken run will provide the space they need so you can make them at home even in an urban backyard.


5. Mini lop

If you are looking for fur babies you can do no better than the exquisite Mini Lop. This miniature breed of rabbit is made for cuddling and is known for its gentle and playful disposition. An adult Mini Lop will at most weigh 6 pounds with females being smaller than males. Like other rabbits, they can be house trained and given commands. Along with hugs and cuddles these rabbits also enjoy treats like chopped fruits and will enjoy playing in a cozy hutch.

mini lop small pets

6. Hamsters

 This classic childhood pet will never go out of fashion! Its small size, soft coat, and gentle disposition makes it great for holding by young and old. Varieties like the Chinese hamster and Dwarf hamster are particularly small, only growing to a few inches in length. Hamsters are easy to care for and tolerate relatively compact housing, making them a good choice if you have limited space. Once you have mastered the routine of keeping your hamster clean, fed, and watered, you will have a great time cuddling and exercising your hamster with new toys and giving healthy treats!


7. Guinea pigs

These personable rodents are a pleasure to look after as they are very engaging, highly active, and thrive on human contact. If you like spending time with your pets, guinea pigs are a great choice and you will find yourself mesmerized by their antics and personality! Long-haired, fluffy varieties are great for lots of cuddles. Feed them a nutritious diet with lots of fresh fruits and ensure their cage has lots of toys as they can be awake for up to 20 hours per day!

guinea pig

Rounding up on Small Pets

With so many cute and cuddly small pets to choose from, there has never been a better time to find your ideal furry friend. Miniature breeds and varieties have expanded the range of smaller pets meaning that you are not just limited to rodents. Before committing to a new pet, we recommend you research widely so you can ensure that you provide a good home.

Exotic animals like gliders are beautiful but do have specific needs if they are to remain healthy and happy in a domestic setting. Once you have settled on a choice, invest in the right pet housing, nutritious foods, and toys to give your pet the great quality of life they deserve.

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