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Get Puppy Smart

7081053-665-300x256If you’re looking for puppies for sale, we’re supporting the RSPCA with its GetPuppySmart campaign, which includes a useful guide with lots of helpful information on getting a puppy.

By following the advice and guidelines in the RSPCA’s GetPuppySmart campaign, you can make sure you give a home to a happy and healthy puppy and will know what to be aware of when making your decision about which puppy to choose.

GetPuppySmart includes such guidance as:

  • What type of puppy will best suit  your home and lifestyle
  • The ongoing costs, along with those that are less obvious
  • Where to get your puppy and to make sure you see it with its mum and the rest of the litter
  • The quesions you should ask a breeder and the information they should be able to give you about the puppy’s health, parents, certificates, etc
  • How to contact the RSPCA if you have any welfare concerns

By exploring the guidance in GetPuppySmart it can help you steer clear of the problems that caught out others who have got a puppy from a disreputable breeder. While it can be difficult to work out who is a dodgy breeder and who is not, reading the RSPCA’s stories about people who have had a bad experience of buying a puppy can make you aware of the warning signs and things to avoid.

Don’t get caught out. We’re calling on you to make sure you GetPuppySmart. After all, owning a puppy is an adventure to enjoy!

Justine Dench

Justine Dench

Creative Editor

Justine Dench is the creative editor for Preloved. Her key personal interests include sustainability, conservation and animal welfare. Justine also has interests in photography, music, gardening and home interiors.