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Keeping Pet Rodents Warm in Winter

Top Tips for Rodent Care During the Winter

Rodents have the least to worry about during the winter as unlike some of the other pets, they are inside with you warm and cosy! However there are still a few things to consider to keep them safe and happy.

  • Check to see if your rodent cage is located next to a draft, often drafts can come in under doors close to where a cage may be.
  • Placing your rodent’s cage next to a radiator may do more harm than good so I wouldn’t advice this. As long as your room remains at a comfortable standard temperature they will be quite happy.
  • Avoid having the cage next to a window or in a conservatory. With the winter well on its way, windows really drop in temperature and can even freeze. This could effect your rodent’s behaviour, eating habits and health.

hamster cosy in a hamster house

  • One thing that rats, mice and even the odd hamster loves is a cosy fleece pouch or hammock, there are so many brilliant home made ones available on craft pages so why not treat them! Another lovely hide option is the traditional ‘hamster ball’. I am not a fan of these being used traditionally for many reasons. However I find removing the lid, filling it with bedding and hanging it to the side of the cage makes a lovely shaped nest.
  • Rodents should never be kept on wood shavings despite the traditional and sadly still common belief. Moving your rodents onto bedding such as CareFRESH or card cubes will make the world of difference to their health, and keep them that little bit more cosy.

rat eating a berry

  • Rats in particular can require different diets as they age or suffer health decline, and it is possible for winter to also take its toll on their health. Consider using The Shunamite Dietas created by the scuttling gourmet. Our rescue rats are feed one of these diets with great effect.

Marie Channer

Marie Channer

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Marie joined the Wood Green Animal Shelter 12 years ago as a work experience student where she quickly discovered that small animals where her passion. Marie has headed up the small animal department for over 10 years and holds regular care workshops for pet owners, as well as contributing articles to several pet publications.