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It’s Our 17th Birthday!

Did you know it’s Preloved’s birthday? That’s right, we are 17 today!! Founded in 1998, a lot has changed in our 17 years online, but equally a lot has stayed the same. Preloved still stays true to the values we originated from, which includes providing every member of our community with an informed, safe and economical way to buy and sell online.

As it’s our 17th Birthday, we got thinking about all the fun things we got to do when we reached this exciting age ourselves – with the most prominent memory being learning to drive and buying our first car.

Buying your first car can be somewhat of a rite of passage to most; a gateway in to an independent life as an adult. Planning that first in-car playlist and checking out the routes to exciting new destinations is all part of the fun.

But what is the best first car to choose? When buying your first car you’re generally not looking for the coolest or the most expensive. As long as it’s cheap, reliable and affordable to run, then you’re still going to enjoy those first trips on the road alone!

Preloved’s Top 5 favourite cars for first time buyers.

For those who may have side tracked their first car saving plan in favour of other choices, the Ford Fiesta is one of the most affordable first time cars you can buy. You can pick up some retro model Ford Fiesta’s for under £500 on Preloved, but even if you’re after a more modern version you’re still able to get a reliable Fiesta for the right price. Ensure you shop around the get the best insurance deals though, as the sportier models can tend to push the yearly price for insurance up a little more for first time drivers.

With a slightly more affordable insurance premium for a first time driver, the Volkswagen Polo can be picked up for a pocket friendly price too. The VW range is known for its reliability and the models are also pretty stylish too, so you don’t have to ruin your street cred either! A decent Volkswagen Polo can be picked up for a reasonable price, especially when you browse the car listings on Preloved.

Renault Clio’s are popular cars for first time buyers, mainly for the perks of what you get for the price! A 2003 model can be picked up for just under a grand on Preloved, so it’s worth having a look at what you can get for your money. With an efficient fuel economy, they’re cheap to run and being in Insurance Group 2 you’re looking at an overall cost of around £3500 to go from passing your test to being free on the road!

A more stylish version of the VW Polo, the Seat Ibiza seems too good to be true, as it also comes at a more affordable price too! Although the insurance is slightly higher in Group 3, the fuel economy of 47mpg ensures that you make the most of the money you invest.

One of the bestselling cars in the UK, the Vauxhall Corsa isn’t just one just for the ‘boy racers’.  Some older models can cost just a few hundred quid, and even the newer models shouldn’t set you back all that much compared to other first time cars! Repairs can also be a cheaper if you browse Preloved for spares or repairs sellers, due to the popularity of the Corsa you’re certainly not going to struggle for second hand car parts.

For even more tips on buying your first car,  check out this Preloved blog post here.

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Amy Lockley

Amy Lockley

Writer and expert

Amy is the Head of Community at Preloved. In her spare time, she loves volunteering for a rabbit charity, having crafting weekends and kite boarding in Morecombe which is always combined with a camping adventure! She is always on the hunt for a bargain whether that be at car boots, house clearances or charity shops.