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Affordable Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for fun, affordable and easy Easter egg decorating ideas, then look no further! With the Easter half term only a few days away, it’s time to get creative to keep little fingers occupied. Apart from the obvious (and tasty) chocolate egg ideas, you can also have some Affordable Easter fun by heading to your local craft store and picking up a few supplies.

One of the first things you’ll need for these Easter DIY’s, is a variety of regular chicken eggs. We like to regularly pick up free range eggs directly from our friendly local farmer. Not only can we ensure that the chickens are being treated well, but we often find that the variation in colour helps to make the decorated eggs even more eye catching and fun.

We’ve taken the leg work out of planning for your Easter egg decorating activities this half term and have compiled some of our favourite ways to decorate eggs this Easter from around the web.

Affordable Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Beetroot Dyed Eggs

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If you’re planning an Easter party and looking to jazz up your buffet, then why not try dying your boiled eggs with beetroot? Not only do they look prettier than your average egg, but they also taste tangy and tasty too! The easiest way to do this little trick is by re-using the pickle juice from a regular jar of pickled beetroot. Simply hard boil your eggs, peel them, and then pop them in the pink-purple pickle juice. The longer they are pickled, the more the vibrant colour will be on the white of the eggs. Yum!

The Lace Dip!

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For this Easter Egg DIY, you simply need some old lace fabric, some food colourings, boiling water and vinegar, a piece of string and a bowl. Boil your eggs first to ensure that they won’t crack easily when prettifying them, then wrap the lace material around when they’re cool enough to handle. Secure the material tightly around the egg with your piece of string and then dip your eggs in to your bowl, which will contain a mixture of boiling water, food colouring and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Let the eggs soak for 5-10 minutes then take them out of the mixture. Allow to air dry and then snip the lace material off. Voila! Pretty, patterned eggs perfect for Easter decoration.

Create Cress Heads

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We all remember growing cress as kids and being amazed at how quickly the little green leaves would sprout. Why not grow some of this green wonder in your empty egg shells, and then carefully decorate them in to characters! We found this great tutorial over on this blog, and love the idea of cress head minions. Fun to make and even more fun to watch their ‘hair’ grow.

What crafty DIY plans do you have this Easter?

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