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Recycling Food waste in the Home – How Do You Do It?

It’s safe to say that recycling paper and glass has become the norm, and now the availability of kerbside collections for food recycling is steadily starting to increase across the UK. Despite the fact that recycling food waste can generate energy to power homes across the UK and serve as compost for local farmland, there’s still a common misconception that recycling food in the home can be a bit tricky.

But Recycle Now want to dispel those perceptions by inviting people to shout about their positive experiences with using a food recycling collection and talk about how they’ve easily and successfully integrated it into their household routines.

So if you put your plate scrapings and peelings into a kitchen caddy rather than a rubbish bin, here’s an opportunity to promote how easy recycling food waste can be. By finding people who are food recyclers and who have developed a basic but useful method of separating food waste in their kitchens, we hope to use those handy hints as a way to encourage others to start recycling food waste.

With so many options and opinions, Recycle Now has launched a search to find the best advice and tips on how to recycle food waste in the home.

We’re calling for people who have developed an effective way of recycling food waste and are urging them to share their stories by submitting top tips via the Recycle Now website.

Advice can range from being simple and straightforward to quirky and original, but should show how and why it works best for you and your home. Does your container sit on the floor, or on the worktop? Do you use liners? How often does it get emptied and how does your food waste get from the kitchen to the outdoor food recycling bin for collection? Regardless of the size of the kitchen or whether it’s shiny and new or rustic with lots of character, all suggestions are welcome.

So whether you use a kitchen caddy provided by the local council or your own handpicked container that complements the kitchen colour scheme, we want to know why you chose it, where you keep it and even how often it’s emptied – no detail is too small!

If you think you’ve got an effective way of recycling food waste in your home

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray

Community User

Rachel Gray is Behaviour Change Manager of Recycle Now. The campaign was launched in 2004 by non-profit recycling company WRAP to help householders reuse and recycle items.