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Thrifty Chicken Coop Ideas

Five years ago, the country saw a rise in chicken-keeping due to recession and, some say, our desire to reconnect with our rural backgrounds. Nowadays, the term “smallholding” is thrown around quite often, and people who pride themselves in having one say they are on the quest to being more self-sufficient. The trend seems to be that you start growing some veg in pots or in the garden, experiment with a veg patch or allotment, and so the next natural step to take seems to be chicken-keeping. We already have a guide on caring for chickens, and while we encourage our members to opt for rescue chickens, the initial cost of putting together the coop, making it safe from predators and getting right food can be high. On that note, we have compiled some amazing DIY features to make your coop (and run) that much cooler and environmentally-friendly.

  1. If you want to upgrade the coop, or if you are ready to get some more chickens, why not protect a piece of furniture against the elements and reuse it this way?


2. A chicken coop made out of a trampoline! Who would have known? Empty nest syndrome because the children are off to uni or have moved out? Fill the nest with chickens!


3. The girls need dust baths, and these made out of painted tyres look so cosy.


4. Your chickens will have a constant fresh supply of grass thanks to the mesh/wire that protects the roots.


5. This DIY PVC pipe feeder ensures food isn’t wasted.


6. As much as having curtains is cute, they actually are of great service. Chickens like privacy and darkness when laying eggs. Thus, curtains seem to be helpful in that they provide this, help keep the boxes warmer in the winter.

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7. Giving your cat litter (or carrier for that matter) a good scrub is also a good option for a nesting chicken.


8. You can make a toy out of a plastic bottle: drill some holes in it, and fill it with treats. Make sure the treats can fall out of the bottle, but don’t make the holes too big as it won’t be challenging or entertaining to the chooks.


9. Yes, while we know there are egg boxes in the world, isn’t this egg apron cute!? You could make one for yourself!


10. And, just because we think it’s quirky and cool, a (police) car used as a chicken coop. Brilliant.

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All images are taken from Pinterest

You can find all these ideas and more on our Chicken board on Pinterest. Tweet us what your coops look like!

Zoe Allison

Zoe Allison

Writer and expert