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Top 10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

10 of the Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

When you decide to add a dog to your family, things change a lot. There’s a lot more work involved in bringing up a dog, especially if your new family member is a puppy. One of the more challenging aspects of being a new dog owner is training them and knowing what works well for specific dog breeds. If you’ve never owned a dog before then you are in for some surprises along the way.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the breeds that are the easiest to train. Some breeds can be difficult to train, not because they are not intelligent enough to understand, but quite the opposite. They are smart enough to realise they can play on their cuteness to get away with murder. This is one of the greatest challenges to the dog owner, to try and close their mind to the unbearable cuteness and focus on training.

Here are 10 of my personal favourites- some of the easiest dog breeds to train! And of course, please feel free to let us know your choices too!

1. Border Collie

For those seeking an ambitious, energetic, fun, obedient, and loyal furry friend, the Border Collie provides all that and so much more. The Border Collie is always eager to please and it thrives off positive reinforcements. But, you should note that although Border Collies are one of the easiest dogs to train, they’re more suited to experienced dog owners. This is because you need to know how to handle dogs properly and understand this breed’s temperament. Without proper handling, Border Collies may not be getting the required “training style” it needs to shine at their best.

dog breeds border collie

2. Doberman Pinscher

Contrary to what their reputation may portray, the Doberman Pinscher is a gentle and obedient breed. Known to be reliable and loyal, they are bred to provide protection. Although more fitting with experienced owners, this dog breed can be a great fit for a beginner if trained in the best way. The Doberman is also known to take on the personality and temperament of its owner. A very noble and recognizable breed, this dog can provide you with many years of friendship and companionship.


3. Bernese Mountain Dog

Classified as part of the working dog category, this beautiful, fun-loving, and hardworking dog loves playing outdoors. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an excellent choice if you have children, even small children, in your family. It’s known to be reliable around the little ones, so you won’t have anything to fear by leaving your child with this dog. Although this good-natured dog can be an ideal fit for most homes, it loves the outdoors and is not heat tolerant. Check on them when they’re rolling about in your garden, particularly during the summer.

bernese mountain dog breed

4. Havanese

Do not discount this little dog because of size. Although a bit smaller than some of the other intelligent dogs, the Havanese has a loving nature and can come across a little childlike at times. The breed is a comedian and will keep its owners entertained. The Havanese is eager to please, as it thrives off learning new tricks and enjoys receiving positive reinforcement and affection.

havanese dog breeds

5. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the more recognizable and popular breeds today, not to mention one of the most devoted and loving. Categorized in the working breed group, the German Shepherd is often the dog featured on news stations rescuing a child from a river. Or, working alongside soldiers in war zones to locate explosive devices and even as a guide dog for the blind. The German Shepherd can be energetic and often provides a loyal and dedicated partnership with its owner for its entire life. A German Shepherd is protective of its owner and gentle with children, making it an ideal addition to your family.

german sheperd

6. Labrador Retriever

Another hardworking and recognizable breed. The Labrador is often seen working in airports or prisons to sniff out drugs. A playful, loving, and affectionate breed, the Labrador Retriever lives for attention, positive praises, and treats. It is an even-tempered dog that fits in the outdoors hunting or pointing, making it a popular dog for owners with other types of pets such as cats and rabbits.


7. Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog may look like an undersized, miniature relative of “Lassie”, the dog popularized by Hollywood. But, don’t let a Shetland Sheepdog’s size fool you because it’s one of the most high-spirited, intelligent, and cunning dogs that you can ever hope to find.

Although “Shelties” are often found in agility competitions and other competitive dog sports, they still make excellent companions for individuals or families. It has bags of enthusiasm and energy to spare. And, fits better with a family who has the time and energy to manage the energy from this beautiful companion.

shetland sheepdog

8. Brussels Griffon

This little guy is the perfect match for someone looking to have an intelligent, loyal, and devoted friend indoors. Known as one of the easier trained breeds, this is a dog that does not bark often but listens and learns.

brussels griffon dog breeds

9. Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is a noble and recognizable breed, which can adapt well to a variety of situations. It’s also intelligent and affectionate. Often used in dog shows, this dog loves to curl up with its owner.

standard poodle

10. Norwich Terrier

This little boy is one of the more social breeds and presents itself as an overconfident dog that soon bonds with its owner. Energetic and rambunctious, the Norwich Terrier is a perfect choice for the beginning dog owner.

norwich terrier

Regardless of the needs or desires of a dog owner, it’s crucial to understand that different dog breeds need different training styles. Dogs are only able to shine when applying appropriate handling. But with enough patience, love, and attention, you can train any dog from any breed. And, they will provide lifelong love and companionship for the whole family.

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