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A Real Christmas Tree: Buying and Caring Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Caring for a Real Christmas Tree

Ah, a real Christmas tree, there’s nothing quite like it. Without them, Christmas just isn’t the same. There’s a reason that these evergreen trees have been a prominent symbol of the holiday season. They bring with them the holiday spirit thanks to their lush aesthetics and marvelous scents.

However, choosing the right Christmas tree can be a bit tricky. The reason being, that not all varieties are “built” the same way. On top of that, there are instances when farms and supermarkets sell trees that have been cut two weeks ago and might not even last until Christmas.

So, in this guide, we’ll be looking at how to choose the right real Christmas tree for you!

How to pick a fresh and healthy Christmas tree

If you’re buying the tree in person and not online, always do a quick inspection. Run your fingers along the branches and check if any needles fall from them straight away. This is the easiest way to determine whether it will last long or not. If many needles fall off from lightly swooping a branch, then the tree will probably wither away quickly.

Another way to find out if a tree doesn’t have much life in it is through its appearance. Trees which will die soon usually look thinner and drier. There are many different varieties of Christmas trees you can buy, so make sure to choose the one that suits your needs best.

real christmas tree with lights

Looking for a Christmas tree with a great fragrance?

The Balsam Fir is the best choice for fans of fragrance. It’s a durable tree with short flat, dark green needles. This variety tends to dry out quicker than others, so it needs to be watered regularly.

Thinking of decorating your tree with many or heavy ornaments?

If you’re planning to decorate your Christmas tree with a bunch of heavy ornaments, you’ll definitely need to go for a tree with upward-sloping branches. One such variety is the Fraser fir and it’s perfect for just about any type of decoration.

Don’t want to deal with sharp pointy needles?

The safest Christmas tree in terms of needles has to be the Nordmann Fir. Its soft, glossy, dark green needles are inviting to touch and offer a small chance of you getting hurt.

Tired of cleaning needles off the floor for an entire month?

If you are tired of cleaning shed needles all the time, then the Nordmann Fir is for you. It’s a non-needle-drop variety which also tends to last longer than other cut
Christmas trees.

real christmas tree collection

Want a Christmas tree that will last long indoors?

The Nordmann Fir is a Christmas tree variety that can survive indoors for up to six weeks. Combine that with it being a non-drop and you have yourself the best long-lasting variety of Christmas trees.

When’s the best time to buy a Christmas tree?

It’s recommended that you buy it around the 5th or 6th of December. Since most people start buying theirs during this time as well, you can bet that lots and farms will be filled with different varieties to satisfy customer demand. Also buying it around this time you can be sure that your tree will last at least another 4-5 weeks and make it well into January.

When to go Christmas tree shopping if you want to avoid crowds?

The Tuesday and Wednesday after the first week of December are usually the best days for Christmas tree shopping if you want to avoid huge masses of people. Best yet, go during the early afternoon, as during this time most people are still at work and you won’t have to deal with the masses.

However, if you don’t want to leave your home at all due to fear of a certain virus, fret not, as there are alternatives to shopping in person. For example, you can book a Christmas tree delivery service. Such services take care of the delivery, installation, and even decoration of the tree. So, you can get a green and healthy tree without even lifting a finger or leaving the house.

How to make your Christmas tree last longer

All a Christmas tree needs in order to thrive is to be watered regularly. A freshly cut Christmas tree can consume up to four liters of water only on its first day. Once it’s situated atop a quality water tank-stand, it’s recommended you water it once a day with cold water. Every time you water the tree, remember to fill up the tank to the top with water, this will prevent dehydration and the branches from drooping.

But what type of water do Christmas trees prefer, cold or warm?

Like most other trees and plants, Christmas trees prefer room temperature to cold water.

Is it possible to overwater a Christmas tree?

Well, the answer is probably “no”. Unless you keep filling the water tank every hour, you probably won’t have any troubles with killing your tree by overwatering it.

real christmas tree in the home

How to give a dead Christmas tree new life?

A dead Christmas tree can be used for many things.


You can use your dead Christmas tree’s smaller branches to make mulch for your garden. Just chip the branches will a tool such as a screwdriver and then spread the wooden bits throughout your back garden.

Fire Pit firewood

A dead tree can easily be converted for firewood for your exterior fire pit. Just remember to never burn a Christmas tree indoors in a fireplace. Because Christmas trees have a hazardous chemical on them called creosote which makes the fire burn extremely hot and can lead to some unwanted consequences.

It’s perfectly safe however to cut up your Christmas tree and use it as firewood for your garden fire pit. Just make sure the wood is nice and dry and there are no ornaments on it before setting
it a blaze.


Choosing the right Christmas tree can make all the difference when it comes to Christmas aesthetics. So, it’s important to follow some rules in order to get the tree that suits your needs best. General care for Christmas trees is quite simple and doesn’t require much know-how, just consistency. Regular watering and lots of love are all a Christmas tree needs in order to thrive release its fragrant scents.

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