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How to Write a Great Item Description

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Writing a good item description is essential if you’re looking for a quick sale. By including the following in your advert, you’ll be giving potential buyers all the information they need to make a decision about whether or not they’d like to purchase your item.

Remember, there’s no word limit so that you can make your advert as detailed as possible.


Your title must be clear, concise and informative. Items with good titles are much more visible in Preloved listings.
Remember to include keywords. Think about spelling too and include alternative spellings in your description to increase your chances of being found in a Preloved search.

Make sure you include any vital information which may appeal to buyers, such as a brand name or a designer.
Here are some examples of good advert titles:

  • 14ft Ace Marauder Touring Caravan with Awning
  • Laura Ashley 100% Pure Dupion Slik Lined Curtains 90”
  • Pink Moses Basket and White Rocking Stand

…and some that could do with a little tweaking:

  • Kitchen Display Unit
  • Boat for Sale
  • Bargain up for grabs!

Things to include in your description

Age: One of the first thing buyers want to know how old an item is, so it’s best to include this quite early on in your description.

Size: Including sizes and exact dimensions is important, especially for items such as furniture, bicycles, pool tables etc. Always write the size of clothes and shoes in UK size to avoid ambiguities.

Keywords: If there are any keywords you didn’t include in your title, make sure they are in your description. Keyword search is the main way that Preloved users find items, and including the relevant keywords in your advert makes it much easier to find.

Condition: Be honest about the condition of an item and include details of any damages, problems, or things that might need attention. If a buyer is presented with honest information, they will feel much more confident about purchasing your item.

Features: Does your item have a unique selling point? Let potential buyers know about an item’s various features and functions.

Reason for Sale: The reason that an owner is selling an item can often help make up their mind about whether or not they’d like to purchase it or not. So whether it’s because you want to make some quick cash, it doesn’t fit with your décor, or you’re simply having a clear out, make sure to include your reason for sale in your description. It will save a potential buyer from having to message you to ask, and could result in a quicker sale.

A Bit of History: Does the item you’re selling have an interesting story behind it? Perhaps you or your family members have fond memories using the item that you’d like to share with its potential new owner? When buyers can see that an item has had an interesting past, and know that it has been well looked-after, they will be much more inclined to part with their cash. Remember, the Preloved editorial team are always on the lookout for weird and wonderful items with interesting stories. You can email in your stories and we’ll feature our favourite ones on the Preloved Blog!

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